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We create web applications – websites, CRM & ERP systems and custom enterprise applications of any level of complexity.

Web development services

Web Development Services from LANARS

SaaS and Cloud Computing. Solutions for business scaling.

Enterprise & Intranet platforms. Interconnect employees and facilitate cooperation within organizations.

Geo-based Applications. Taking into account relevant business objectives, integrate location-based tools with the help of different APIs.

High-load Applications. Process large amounts of data in short periods of time, maintaining the efficiency of processes.

E-commerce Solutions. Boost performance and business indicators, engage more customers through websites and web apps.

CRM & ERP Systems. Create drivers of growth and scaling for the business, tailored to specific needs.

Web & Mobile Design: we know how to inspire your users to download, engage and share.

Why choose LANARS as Web Development Services Provider?

Clear cooperation conditions, solid experience and wide expertise create a beneficial foundation for a smooth, quick and successful project implementation. Bearing in mind time and budget restrictions, the most outstanding product is created for individual needs. LANARS chooses the most optimal pricing model for web development to help with business promotion and leverages technology that clients really benefit from.

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How we make it possible

To bring ideas to life, we use practices and technologies that have proved to be effective in web developing. These include:

  • Cloud: AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud;
  • DevOps: Kubernetes, Docker;
  • for backend development, LANARS employs widely used frameworks like ExpressJS, FeathersJS, Hapi.JS, Socket.IO, NextJS;
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch;
  • Front-end development is supported by Angular 2+, React, PHP (Symfony, Laravel, Yii 2);
  • payment systems like PayPal or Stripe can also be integrated if necessary;
  • CMS: WordPress, Opencart, Woocommerce.

Selected cases

  • Valve Monitoring Project
    Valve Monitoring Project
    Smart application for oil valves monitoring
    Smart (IoT) Platform for Automation of Processes in Oil and Gas Industry.
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  • Hy5 App
    Hy5 App
    Smooth interaction with a prosthetic hand
    Connect a prosthesis with a mobile app for effortless management — the case of Hy5 App.
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  • smart doorbell
    Smart Doorbell
    Defigo makes life easier and safer for those who live in an apartment building and for office owners.
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  • Miloo
    Swiss-assembled E-bikes and E-scooters
    Mobility with comfort, stability, and individual approach.
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  • Memento - On-demand Fitness Platform
    On-demand Fitness Platform
    Beating inactivity and promoting exercise — how the fitness platform Memento transforms the approach to sport.
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  • Liquid app
    Personal Car Expenses Assistant
    Carvis helps users keep all vehicle car-related data at their fingertips as well as track spending and plan service station visits.
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Web Development for different industries

Web development for E-commerce

Handling omnichannel operations and managing physical and digital sales aspects are the primary tasks for web development to solve in e-commerce. It helps to improve customer interaction with goods and services through websites or web applications. More comfortable online shopping, handy payment systems, or cloud computing solutions for increased accessibility — prioritize the customers’ needs by providing an outstanding web experience while also increasing revenue.

Web development for Logistics

Web development solutions for logistics helps to emphasize high performance and long-term commitment, stimulating constant innovation. Companies can become more responsive and automate their logistics services within the supply chain (shipping, storage, distribution, vehicle tracking, and freight monitoring). Cloud-based solutions provide businesses with increased flexibility in various processes and effortless access to the data. Custom ERP systems facilitate control and maximize efficiency for seamless operations within organizations.

Web development for Manufacturing

Web development helps realize growth potential within the industry, simplify in-house processes, and easily organize production asset management. Along with that, promoting an eco-friendly approach to business as the main vision, not just a trend in manufacturing, can be achieved through digital solutions. Using web development services for business benefits is a win-win situation for both producers and consumers, as it allows efficient resource management and utilization for successful cooperation.

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