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We are LANARS — an international hardware & software development company with headquarters in Norway, Ukraine, and Georgia. The IT services we provide are dedicated to helping businesses today be in time for tomorrow.

Selected cases

  • Wi-Fi Load Cell App
    Wi-Fi Load Cell App
    Smart application for oil wells drilling
    IoT system for monitoring the oil drilling process.
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  • Valve Monitoring Project
    Valve Monitoring Project
    Smart application for oil valves monitoring
    Smart (IoT) Platform for Automation of Processes in Oil and Gas Industry.
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  • Shoplabs
    Mobile Platform for E-commerce
    A platform connecting an online store and a checkout system for small stores operations optimization.
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  • platform for medical personnel in the military
    Medic Tool
    Platform for medical personnel in the military
    Saving lives in field conditions with a phone — first-of-a-kind mobile application Medic Tool.
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  • Industrial internet of things solution for metalworking
    Liquid Tool
    Industrial Internet of Things Solution for Metalworking
    Liquid Tool — the Industrial Internet of Things for the metalworking industry. How custom hardware enhances manufacturing performance.
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  • Hy5 App
    Hy5 App
    Smooth interaction with a prosthetic hand
    Connect a prosthesis with a mobile app for effortless management — the case of Hy5 App.
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  • smart doorbell
    Smart Doorbell
    Defigo makes life easier and safer for those who live in an apartment building and for office owners.
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  • Miloo
    Swiss-assembled E-bikes and E-scooters
    Mobility with comfort, stability, and individual approach.
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  • Memento - On-demand Fitness Platform
    On-demand Fitness Platform
    Beating inactivity and promoting exercise — how the fitness platform Memento transforms the approach to sport.
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  • International social network for Readers
    International Social Network for Readers
    How a passion for reading can inspire you to create a successful business? This is a story of Byzans — an international social network for readers
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  • Android APP for money transfer and exchange
    Android App for Money Transfer and Exchange
    Mobile app for stress-free and secure money exchange — the case of Vizium.
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  • Liquid app
    Personal Car Expenses Assistant
    Carvis helps users keep all vehicle car-related data at their fingertips as well as track spending and plan service station visits.
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Areas of our expertise

Hardware Development

We create the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, and Embedded systems in our own unique laboratory.

Software Development

We apply the full range of modern technologies to develop outstanding mobile applications, websites, CRM & ERP systems, and custom enterprise applications.

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LANARS is a painless innovations provider

LANARS is on a mission to make drastic innovations simple and effortless for any type of business. We create this value by ensuring the minimum customer involvement during the project implementation process and applying the most relevant technologies and solid expertise.

Why Choose LANARS?

LANARS as a hardware, mobile apps, and website development company, is fired up by digital challenges. Autonomous work, a fully immersed approach and flexibility — leverage our expertise for the benefit of your business.

  • 6 years of experience in the Northern European market;
  • Hardware and software expertise in one team;
  • Full range of cutting-edge technologies.
References from our clients are the best quality mark
Driven by the purpose of successful implementation of IT projects and client satisfaction, we continuously improve and fully apply our customer service policy. LANARS has developed an optimal flow of communication, which begins with establishing objectives by our Business Analysts. They collect detailed information about the project and provide clients with estimates. During the workflow, Project Managers control and manage the development process, always staying in touch with the client. Together they form a connecting link between businesses and the development team. This approach has helped us to receive plenty of positive references from our valuable customers.
  • Ole Marius Berg CEO of Shoplabs
  • Client Testimonial: Tameem Hourani from WayFair
  • Client Testimonial: Hedda Amundsen
  • Client Testimonial: Preston Sheppard

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