Custom development of IT products and solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the interconnected world. Whether you require software development services, unique hardware, custom IT development – we have you covered.

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Hardware development
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Software Development
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Hardware Development

LANARS offers hardware development services: we do embedded programming, IoT creation, PCB design, integration of microcontrollers and sensors; and also solve unique requests, issues and challenges. Utilizing our well-equipped R&D hardware lab, we provide an expert approach to meet any business and technological needs.

End-to-End IoT: developing IoT solutions that encompass hardware, software, and cloud platforms.
Embedded Systems Design: hardware and software integrated into electronic devices and systems.
PCB Design and Prototyping: designing printed circuit boards and creating prototypes.
HDI board layout with common hi-speed interfaces.
Design for DFM / DFA.
Hardware Testing and Validation: testing and validation of hardware components for functionality, performance, and reliability.
Firmware Development: firmware coding to control and manage hardware components and devices.
Hardware Optimization: optimizing hardware designs for improved performance and power consumption.
Sensor Integration: sensors and actuators integration into devices to collect and transmit data for IoT.
Connectivity and Communication: implementing protocols and technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, or cellular networks for device & system connectivity.
Data Analytics and Insights: leveraging IoT data to extract valuable insights. Implementing mechanisms to ensure synchronized and consistent data across interconnected systems.
IoT Security: implementing security measures to protect IoT devices, networks, data from potential threats.
Cloud Integration: integrating with cloud platforms and services to enable scalable and flexible interconnected solutions.
Smart Home Solutions Development: designing and developing smart home devices for automation, security, energy management, and convenience.
Wearable Technology: developing wearable devices with embedded sensors and connectivity for applications such as health monitoring, fitness tracking, and augmented reality.
Industrial IoT (IIoT): building IoT solutions for industrial environments, enabling remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and process optimization.
Smart Cities Solutions: creating solutions for connected infrastructure, smart grids, transportation systems, waste management, and public safety.
System architecture: Creation of complex solutions for various industries.
Mathematical processing: development of algorithms and mathematical models for complex tasks.
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Software Development

At LANARS, we do mobile app development, web development, and offer custom software development services to handle projects of any complexity.

Custom Software Development: building software applications tailored to meet specific business needs.
Mobile App Development: creating mobile applications for iOS, Android, or cross-platform development.
Web Development: designing and developing websites and web applications using various technologies.
Enterprise Application Development: building large-scale applications to support complex business processes (CRM&ERP, etc.)
several hand drawn mobile app development designs in the form of mobile screens each displaying different information

Product Development

At LANARS, we specialize in developing products ranging from modern mobile apps to IoT-based smart devices. Whether it's UI&UX design or MVP development, we employ a contemporary product management approach and cutting-edge technologies to ensure smooth and effective processes.

Product Ideation and Conceptualization: assisting in the development and refinement of product ideas and concepts.
Defining Product Requirements: collaborating with clients to define detailed requirements and specifications for the desired product.
Design and Prototyping: creating visual designs and prototypes to validate product (for example, mobile app or IoT device) concepts and functionalities.
Manufacturing Assistance: providing guidance and support during the manufacturing process, including vendor selection, supply chain management, and quality control.
Product Lifecycle Management: managing the entire lifecycle of a product, including planning, development, launch, and ongoing updates and improvements.
UX Research: conducting user research and analysis to understand user needs, preferences, and behaviors.
User Interface (UI) Design: designing intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces for software and hardware products.
Interaction Design: defining how users interact with a product, including navigation, controls, and feedback mechanisms.
a man busy designing something in Illustrator app related to IT project development and design

Prototyping and Rapid Development

We can create a prototype of your hardware or software product, such as MVP, prototype of a mobile app or IoT device. With our rapid development option, we first evaluate your requirements and then offer the most realistic minimum timeframe within which the project can be implemented. We focus on quick and reliable work, without setting unrealistic expectations.

Rapid Prototyping: creating prototypes of electronic devices, software, or applications.
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development: developing a basic version of the product with essential features to gather user feedback and validate the market demand.
a man with dark hair prototyping and rapid development expert looking straight at the camera sitting behind a desk

IT Consulting and Strategy

IT consulting and strategy from LANARS means providing you with an independent view of the project. Our consultants will serve as a third-party expert, controlling the development process and providing the advisory. We also provide digitalization strategy services.

Technology Consulting: assisting businesses in selecting the right technologies and solutions to meet their objectives.
IT Strategy Development: helping organizations align their IT strategies with their overall business goals.
IT Project Management: managing IT projects from initiation to completion, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to budget and requirements.
IT Risk Assessment: identifying and mitigating potential risks and vulnerabilities in IT systems and infrastructure.
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“CTO as a Service” for start-ups and mature enterprises

We offer external professional CTO services for your company, eliminating the need to hire a full-time CTO. This service is relevant for start-ups, SMEs, and even established businesses.

Strategic Technology Guidance: advice on technology decisions aligned with goals and trends.
Technology Roadmap Development: for the future direction of IT infrastructure, systems, and applications.
Technology Evaluation and Selection: assisting in selecting suitable technologies, platforms, and tools.
Vendor Management: managing relationships with technology vendors and evaluating their products and services.
Technical Leadership: providing expertise and best practices to the internal IT team.
IT Governance: establishing and enforcing governance policies for compliance, security, and risk management.
Scalability and Growth: designing scalable technology architectures to accommodate business needs.
Cost Optimization: analyzing technology expenses and recommending cost-saving strategies.
Project Oversight: guiding technology projects to ensure alignment with objectives, timelines, and budgets.
two people working side by side with their laptops open displaying reports and files doing CTO as a services for startups and mature  businesses

IT Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure services encompass the design, management, and support of essential hardware and software technologies that enable organizations to operate efficiently. These services include network management, server maintenance, cybersecurity measures, cloud computing, data storage, virtualization, and more. By ensuring that the underlying technology infrastructure is robust, scalable, and secure, IT infrastructure services play a crucial role in supporting business operations and facilitating growth.

Network Setup and Management: designing, implementing, and managing computer networks for businesses.
System Administration: providing support for server management, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
Cloud Computing Services: helping businesses migrate to and manage cloud-based infrastructure and services.
Data Center Management: managing and maintaining data center operations, including hardware, software, and security.
a man wearing a dark purple shirt working on two screens at the same time with codes and numbers showing IT infrastructure services

IT Support and Maintenance

LANARS does provision of technical assistance, troubleshooting, updates, repairs, and preventive measures to ensure that hardware and software components are operating optimally. IT support and maintenance services help minimize downtime, enhance performance, and maintain the integrity and security of an organization's IT infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring: monitoring the performance and availability of IT systems and addressing any issues.
System Upgrades and Patches: applying software upgrades, patches, and security updates to ensure system stability.
IT Asset Management: managing and maintaining hardware and software assets within an organization.
two people seated behind a desk looking at a screen one supporting IT project and maintanance

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality assurance (QA) and testing are vital in the development lifecycle by LANARS. QA is a systematic process focusing on preventing defects through quality standards, process reviews, audits, and continuous improvements. Testing involves evaluating components at various development stages, including unit, integration, system, and user acceptance testing, to identify and fix issues. Together, QA and testing ensure the product's reliability, functionality, and alignment with technical specifications, enhancing overall quality and customer satisfaction.

Software / Hardware Testing: conducting functional, performance, security, and compatibility testing to ensure quality.
Manual & Automation QA: comprehensive manual testing services and application of automated tools.
Test Automation: developing automated test scripts and frameworks to streamline testing processes.
Quality Assurance Consulting: providing expertise and guidance on quality assurance best practices.
two people discussing quality assurance and testing using a whiteboard in a white room

Product Maintenance and Support

Product maintenance and support services are essential for the ongoing success of a product. Maintenance includes regular updates, bug fixes, and enhancements to ensure optimal functionality, while support provides users with technical assistance and troubleshooting. Together, these services ensure the product remains relevant, functional, and user-friendly, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Product Upgrades and Enhancements: providing ongoing support to introduce updates, new features, and improvements to the product.
Bug Fixes and Troubleshooting: addressing issues and bugs reported by users and providing timely resolutions.
one man and two women using one laptop to do product maintanance and support

Features of the custom IT development

Here is the framework of how your future product / solution will be delivered by LANARS (some differences and nuances may occur based on the specificity of the project, but you may rely on the features below).

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Requirements Gathering (Business Analysis)

  • We identify and understand your needs and objectives.
  • We have meetings and interviews with stakeholders to gather detailed requirements.
  • Documentation, quotes and prioritized requirements are being developed.

Feasibility Study

  • Assessment of the technical and financial feasibility of your IT project.
  • Identification of the potential risks, challenges, and limitations.
  • Defining whether the proposed solution aligns with the organization's capabilities and resources.

System Design

  • High-level and detailed design specifications.
  • Definition of the system architecture, components, and modules.
  • Specification of the data flow, user interfaces, and integration points.

Development Process

  • Depends on the kind of the IT development services ordered (IoT/IIoT, embedded, web, mobile, custom solution).
  • Development of the necessary software and hardware components and functionalities.
  • Implementation of the designs using suitable programming languages and frameworks.
  • Performing unit testing to ensure individual components work as intended.

Integration and Testing (QA)

  • Integration of the developed modules and components into a unified system.
  • Handling various types of testing, including functional, performance, security, and compatibility testing.
  • Identifying and fixing any defects or issues discovered during testing.


  • Preparing the system for deployment, considering hardware, software, and network requirements.
  • Configuration of the production environment.
  • Ensuring the system functions correctly.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT): we involve end-users or clients in testing the system in a real-world environment, then obtain feedback and address any usability or functionality concerns.

Maintenance, Support, Improvement

  • This stage is optional, depending on your needs and desire to continue working with LANARS.
  • We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to address any issues or bugs that arise.
  • Implementation of updates, enhancements, or new features as required.
  • Monitoring of system performance and security.
  • We regularly evaluate the system's performance and gather user feedback.
  • Identification of areas for improvement and plan for future updates or upgrades.
  • Staying updated with the latest technologies and industry trends to enhance the system's capabilities.

Deployment to Production

  • Once UAT is successfully completed, we deploy the system to the live production environment.
  • Our team conducts any necessary data migration or integration with existing systems.
  • We ensure appropriate user access controls and security measures are in place.
two women talking one offering advice about custom IT development and expert IT consulting

Features of the expert IT consulting

Digital consulting services ensure a structured and systematic approach to analyze, plan, and implement changes in an organization's IT landscape. LANARS consultants provide expert guidance, strategies, and recommendations to optimize technology infrastructure, enhance operations, and align IT with business objectives, based on the features listed below.

Initial Assessment

  • The consultants conduct an initial assessment of the organization's current IT landscape, including infrastructure, systems, processes, and challenges.
  • Identification of the organization's goals, objectives, and pain points to understand the specific consulting needs.
  • Engagement with stakeholders, including key decision-makers and IT personnel, to gather detailed requirements and expectations.
  • Identification of specific areas of improvement, technology gaps, or opportunities for optimization.
  • The consultants collect relevant data and information related to the organization's IT infrastructure, systems, and operations.
  • Analysis of the collected data to identify patterns, trends, and potential areas for improvement or optimization.

Gap Analysis

  • The consultants perform a gap analysis to compare the current state of the organization's IT with the desired future state or industry best practices.
  • Identification of gaps and discrepancies in terms of technology, processes, skills, or infrastructure.

Strategy Development

  • The consultants develop a comprehensive IT strategy and a roadmap aligned with the organization's goals and objectives.
  • Outlining strategic initiatives, milestones, and timelines for implementing the recommended changes and improvements.

Technology Evaluation and Selection

  • Evaluation and assessment of various technology solutions, platforms, or vendors that align with the organization's requirements.
  • The consultants provide recommendations for selecting the most suitable technologies based on factors such as scalability, functionality, security, and cost.

Implementation Planning

  • Development of an implementation plan that outlines the step-by-step approach to execute the recommended changes and improvements.
  • Establishing resource requirements, timelines, milestones, and deliverables for each stage of the implementation.

Change Management

  • Execution of change management, consulting in this area to ensure smooth adoption of the proposed changes within the organization.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • The consultants monitor the progress and effectiveness of the implemented changes and improvements.
  • Evaluation of the impact on the organization's operations, performance, and achievement of desired outcomes.
  • Making adjustments, refinements, or recommendations for further enhancements as necessary.
  • Knowledge transfer.

Implementation and Execution

  • Collaboration with the organization's IT team or external vendors to implement the proposed changes and improvements.
  • Providing oversight, guidance, and support during the implementation phase to ensure successful execution.
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  • custom hardware services
  • development

How we make it possible

The combination of a modern laboratory with cutting-edge equipment and a team of experts makes LANARS one of the most outstanding hardware developers in Europe. Our hardware team includes experienced professionals who have a background in hardware development for the space and aircraft industries — that is why we’ve hired our staff from the heart of the space engineering industry, Ukraine.

We create power and high-frequency electronics, do embedded programming (Assembler, VHDL, VERILOG, C, C++, Python) and use numerous modern tools for hardware.

Selected cases

  • Wi-Fi Load Cell App
    Wi-Fi Load Cell App
    Smart application for oil wells drilling
    IoT system for monitoring the oil drilling process.
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  • Valve Monitoring Project
    Valve Monitoring Project
    Smart application for oil valves monitoring
    Smart (IoT) Platform for Automation of Processes in Oil and Gas Industry.
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  • Shoplabs
    Mobile Platform for E-commerce
    A platform connecting an online store and a checkout system for small stores operations optimization.
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  • platform for medical personnel in the military
    Medic Tool
    Platform for medical personnel in the military
    Saving lives in field conditions with a phone — first-of-a-kind mobile application Medic Tool.
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  • Industrial internet of things solution for metalworking
    Liquid Tool
    Industrial Internet of Things Solution for Metalworking
    Liquid Tool — the Industrial Internet of Things for the metalworking industry. How custom hardware enhances manufacturing performance.
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  • Hy5 App
    Hy5 App
    Smooth interaction with a prosthetic hand
    Connect a prosthesis with a mobile app for effortless management — the case of Hy5 App.
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  • smart doorbell
    Smart Doorbell
    Defigo makes life easier and safer for those who live in an apartment building and for office owners.
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  • Miloo
    Swiss-assembled E-bikes and E-scooters
    Mobility with comfort, stability, and individual approach.
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  • Memento - On-demand Fitness Platform
    On-demand Fitness Platform
    Beating inactivity and promoting exercise — how the fitness platform Memento transforms the approach to sport.
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  • International social network for Readers
    International Social Network for Readers
    How a passion for reading can inspire you to create a successful business? This is a story of Byzans — an international social network for readers
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  • Android APP for money transfer and exchange
    Android App for Money Transfer and Exchange
    Mobile app for stress-free and secure money exchange — the case of Vizium.
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  • Liquid app
    Personal Car Expenses Assistant
    Carvis helps users keep all vehicle car-related data at their fingertips as well as track spending and plan service station visits.
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