On-demand Fitness Platform

Beating inactivity and promoting exercise — how the fitness platform Memento transforms the approach to sport.

Tech Solutions & Platforms

Mobile client: Swift, Kotlin, Android Jetpack

Back-end: Node.js, Python

Key Features


Location services

Payment Gateway


Custom push notifications


PAI calculation

Case type



On-demand Fitness Platform

An on-demand fitness platform for people across Norway

Memento is an on-demand fitness platform for people from all regions in Norway created to ease their way into fitness training and various types of sports. 

Initially, Memento U was created as a platform with two native mobile apps (iOS and Android) and two web-based apps: an admin panel and a personal dashboard for Trainers. The platform makes it easy for anyone to join while taking steps to build a safe community. The platform users could select if they want to be service providers or clients. There were two service provider roles — Memento Trainers and Activity partners. 

Memento U is focused on bringing exercise to users. People could book training at home, in their favorite park, or even in their office. Memento Trainers came to their clients and Activity partners organized events all around Norway that users could attend. 

After the latest update, there is only one role of a simple user, but you can choose whether you want a business account or a personal one. 

Product advantages

Raising activity levels to improve health — Memento U tracks users’ physical activity and their PAI score. The sport routine with Memento app can be tailored to unique needs, share & chat with friends, create company experiences for employees. Discover more features of the application in the advantages section.

Facebook Integration

Memento U is deeply integrated with Facebook — we have implemented custom sharing. When a user attends an event or a training session they can share a custom card with the most important information on their social network page.


Redirects have been introduced so that new users can download the app by pressing on the shared social media content.

Payment Gateway System

Since the app allows users to access paid events and training, we have integrated Stripe SDK (payment gateway system).

Push Notifications

All the main interactions with the app result in push notifications. Users receive notifications about being invited to events and training, while service providers are notified in real-time if somebody requests their services via the app.

PAI score calculation

Recently, we’ve integrated the PAI score calculation system. The Memento app is connected to a cloud database through which users get the most accurate information about their PAI score (the app calculates it for them using the stats about their training and overall activity).

Video Training Portal

Another update concerns a web portal with video training that fits any taste (choose your pace, complexity, and even the group of muscles you want to train today). There are free videos, as well as the option of paid subscription to get exclusive content.

treningsplattform MEMENTO

fitness mobilapp

Memento er en on-demand treningsplattform



nettportal MEMENTO

treningsnettplattform MEMENTO

Challenges and solutions

Balancing the ease of joining with community safety


Anyone can join Memento U, from professional athletes to office workers who never exercise. At the same time, Memento U is responsible for the safety of all users and for making sure that all service providers are certified to work in the fitness industry in Norway. Thus the main challenge lay in ensuring both simple access to the community and security for people using the service.


We introduced service provider approvals and Memento U certification. All Trainers and Activity Partners who join Memento U must submit basic information about themselves, including details about education and relevant work experience for the admin to approve. The app also provides an SOS button that lets users end their training at any time without paying for it if they feel unsafe or abused. This tool can be used by Trainers as well, which is particularly important for one-on-one sessions. The SOS button ends the training and also provides a form for submitting a complaint to the admin.

Meeting individual fitness needs


Memento U strives to motivate people who have never actively participated in sports, including people who have various psychological and physiological barriers. The problem was to fit the specific needs of users that seek different solutions to their requests.


We solved this issue with the help of custom search and suggestions. Memento U lets users customize everything about their training, from the level of difficulty to training goals and location. The Extended search facility helps match each user with Trainers or Activity Partners that are a perfect fit for their needs. Users can filter search results by various criteria, including personal goals. Trainers specialize in particular types of exercise, which users can also filter by. We also added a personalized suggestion feature to help users find new friends on the platform and events to participate in.

Convenient locations for users and service providers


Memento U had to find a balance between providing an on-demand experience where users can book training spontaneously (and in the most convenient location) while making sure that Trainers have enough time (and economic incentive) to travel between appointments.


Service providers on the platform can set where they’re available on the map, and users can access the map to see Trainers and Activity partners available in their area and book sessions or attend events. By moving a pin on the map, users can move the search area to find Trainers close to their work, home, or even their favorite spot in the park.

Enabling search based on GPS coordinates


Handling location-related data in a fast and reliable way is crucial for any on-demand app. With Memento U, we got the opportunity to use PostGIS, a piece of software that provides spatial objects for PostgreSQL, allowing developers to store and query location and mapping information in databases.


We used PostGIS to create work zones — custom regions across the entire map of Norway in which Trainers can register and be found by clients. We also used PostGIS to enable the search and sorting of results based on distance.

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