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How to Pitch an App Idea to Investors
Learn how to pitch an app idea. Create a perfect pitch deck and present it in a persuasive way.

How to Write a Good User Story: Fullest Guide

What are agile user stories and how they can encourage collaboration resulting in better development
Client's guide
12 min

Custom ERP Software Development: All You Need to Know

Why do we all need ERP software development in 2020? To reduce business operating costs, optimize processes, and instant management of staff performance.
Client's guide
22 min

Cloud-based applications development: All you need to know

Why are cloud-based solutions popular in 2020? Learn how to get the most out of the approach.
Client's guide
16 min

Choosing a Tech Stack for Full-Cycle Web Application Development

What is the best language for web development in 2020? What don’t you need to consider when choosing a development stack? Learn updated advice by LANARS.
Client's guide
21 min

How to Reduce App Development Costs Without Losing Quality

What is the average cost of app development? Learn how to reduce app development costs in 2020.
Client's guide
15 min

How to find a technical co-founder

Learn how to start a tech company without a tech background. Find a technical co-founder, hire a CTO, or cooperate with a dedicated development team.
Client's guide
17 min
All you need to know before starting to build your app.