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How to Outsource App Development
Outsource mobile app development and save your budget in 2019. Learn how to search for the best provider and set up a cooperation process.

How to Create a Streaming Music App: From A to Z

How does the music app work and what do you need to build the one in 2019? Learn more about music streaming apps monetization and development process.
Client's guide
19 min

How to Create a Rideshare App: Cost, Features and More

Create your own rideshare app! Learn how to find your idea, plan launch budget, and find a team.
Client's guide
12 min

Mobile App Development Process: From Idea to App Maintenance

What is Mobile App Development Lifecycle? Learn steps to develop an app in 2019.
Client's guide
11 min

How to Create a Fitness App? Fullest Guide

Learn how to build a fitness app step by step, estimate your idea development, and choose a monetization strategy for your app.
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18 min

How to outsource app development smartly: the nerves-saving guide

“How to outsource app development successfully?” appears to be an intriguing puzzle to solve. To begin with, we’d like to point out that it’s a wise choice to select outsourcing concerning app development.
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13 min

Cross-Platform Mobile Development Pros and Cons

Native or cross-platform? Compiled to native or cross-platform? Read and choose the best approach!
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13 min