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Intro to Semiconductors and Hot Industry Trends 2022
Intro to Semiconductors and Hot Industry Trends 2022Semiconductors are drivers of modern electronics, and they are the main enablers of our communications, computing, energy, transport, IoT systems and many more. Almost each and every device we have around us has a semiconductor in it, so no one can overestimate their importance in the world of technology. Today we’re trying to break down the notion of semiconductors, discover what’s inside this vital element and what trends are driving its development today.Read more
Edge computing and IoT: a Whole New World
Edge computing and IoT: a Whole New WorldAs IoT devices are booming on the market, so does the scope of data produced by them. Such rapid development and enormous scopes of information create latency issues and decrease the productivity of data transfer and operational systems within organizations. Thus, edge computing is suggesting a perfect solution for it all — processing the data at the very point where it’s created, without losing the time on sending it to a centralized data center or into the cloud and other secondary operations.Read more
Hardware Development for Business Innovation
Hardware Development for Business InnovationWhen it comes to business innovation, technological advancements often come to the rescue. We can spend hours discussing the various software development solutions that come to mind first. But, what if hardware development can offer more real opportunities that any business can take advantage of.Read more
App Development Process at LANARS: Core App Development Phases
App Development Process at LANARS: Core App Development PhasesWhen businesses seek technical solutions to implement their ideas, the next step is finding a reliable contractor qualified for this purpose. In the diverse market of software vendors, potential customers are often puzzled by the abundance of offers. They might be wondering how the development process is structured and what workflows are set up within the software team. They need to be assured the end-product will be profitable, with guarantees of high-performance and quality.Read more

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