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LANARS Education is about new careers, self-improvement and being in the driving seat of innovations. Pushed by the incentive to share technology with everyone, we hold schools for different tech directions, conduct courses for various professions, and hold other educational events for free to help beginners & pros on the route toward realizing their professional ambitions.

LANARS Education

Why Education From LANARS

Choose suitable options for your personal development and build the dream career in tech — we ensure that the learning process is engaging and practical, and provide relevant and up-to-date materials. Other benefits of education with LANARS:

Expert Supervisors

Our hardware supervisors have a background in the spacecraft engineering industry, so they share unique knowledge in electronics and embedded development. Software specialists with 6+ years of real project experience engage students with the latest practices and technology.

Further Employment

Students of LANARS Education are given the chance of employment in our company once they finish a course or a school. Before entering the course, you would usually have an interview with school or course representatives and HR. The chance of further employment will depend upon your performance during the educational course.

Equal Opportunity

For beginner courses or schools there are no restrictions in terms of age or experience, the main requirement is your ability and willingness to learn and implement great scopes of information.

Free of Charge

Our courses and schools are free for everyone willing to broaden their skill set or acquire a new profession in IT — we believe that information technologies should be available to more people interested in tech.

Students' feedback
As a company that is constantly striving to improve, we value the feedback we receive from our students. Their reviews are a testament to the hard work and dedication we put into providing an exceptional learning experience. Take a moment to browse through the latest reviews and get a glimpse of what it's like to be a student at LANARS Education courses.

Our Events

React School - Become a React Developer with LANARS
Starts 11/1/2022

React is a JavaScript library for frontend development. User interface development has become more flexible with React. The main feature of React is the division of development into components and states. 

In our school, we as well analyzed such topics as Git, TypeScript, React, Redux Toolkit, Material UI, Formik, Yup.

Embedded School - Become an Embedded Developer with LANARS
Starts 7/19/2022

Embedded Development comprises software design and basic skills in engineering. Everyday tasks of Embedded specialists include the development of software and hardware platforms, as well as their integration. Such tasks require great responsibility and expertise. 

Topics covered in the course:
Math, Electronics and Programming language C;
Microcontrollers Programming and Linux Programming.

Stay tuned
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