LANARS is a painless innovations provider

We are an international hardware & software development company that is focused on diving deep into each project and creating custom IT solutions to help businesses be in time for tomorrow.

About Company Lanars

Hardware & Software Development Company

We create the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, mobile applications, websites, CRM & ERP systems, and custom enterprise solutions. LANARS was established in 2016 and has headquarters in Oslo (Norway), Dnipro (Ukraine), and Tbilisi (Georgia).


About our business

Our mission

LANARS is on a mission to make drastic innovations simple and effortless for any business.

Our approach

We do believe that information technologies are the property of all mankind, thus they should be understandable and available to everyone, IT projects should be painless and affordable for any venture. That is why we build our business based on the principles of honesty, transparency, and excellent client service — we educate our clients if necessary and ensure their minimum involvement in the project without wasting their time to make digitalization easy and painless.

Competition in the market allows our team to spread this approach, and make painless digital transformation the norm for any company worldwide. Join us, and let’s make the drastic innovations effortless!


LANARS is built upon values we all share and are ready to stand for

They bring us together well beyond our current products and technologies

We strive to Leadership

We’re incredibly ambitious — we left our comfort zone when we started this journey. Now our attitude in business is to be number one.

We are the Team

Each of us is a unique instrument, but together we’re an orchestra. As a team, we put our hearts and souls into the work we do.

We are oriented towards Profit

We get hyped up by implementing projects that are the most widely used, loved, and profitable. It keeps us going.

We are driven by Competition

Competition means performing more than 100% and always staying on the route towards improvement.

We provide Reliability

When it comes to business, we ensure the result and cutting-edge innovations.

We stand for Honesty

We seek truth and speak openly about demand, money, and technologies.

Corporate social responsibility policy

We follow our CSR policy in 3 key directions: Inclusive employment; Raising a new generation; Technologies without borders.

References from our clients are the best quality mark
We focus on customer service, reliability, and quality to build win-win relationships with our clients and create really valuable products that are used worldwide.
  • Ole Marius Berg CEO of Shoplabs
  • Client Testimonial: Tameem Hourani from WayFair
  • Client Testimonial: Hedda Amundsen
  • Client Testimonial: Preston Sheppard

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