We develop Internet of everything

From sensor level to the final app. We design, develop and deliver smart IoT solutions by combining specialist engineering competence with standard embedded components in our professional lab.

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Why IoT from LANARS?

We create power and high-frequency electronics, do embedded programming (Assembler, VHDL, VERILOG, C, C++, Python) and use numerous modern tools for hardware.

We facilitate full-cycle IoT development services. From specification to the product, ready for mass production.

We help with IoT app development. Connect your hardware to a high featured application with intelligent UX.

We seamlessly integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture.

We do IoT analytics. Collect and analyze data from different equipment and devices.

We provide IoT consulting. Discover new opportunities and revenue streams in your business with our IoT experts.

iiot solution

Why LANARS IIoT solution?

The Industrial Internet of Things is the core sphere of our expertise — we extend our skills and knowledge to provide factories, plants and manufacturing enterprises with smart IIoT solutions.

  • We facilitate full-cycle Industrial IoT development services. From specification to the product, ready for mass production.
  • We help with Industrial IoT app development. Connect your device to a custom B2B application.
  • We maintain security whilst transmitting sensitive business data.
  • We help link together digital and mechanical worlds, creating a network that transforms your industry and business.
  • We deal with data analytics. Collect and analyze data from different sources to get valuable insights.

Internet of Things

IoT helps to interconnect “things” (from home teapot to eye prosthesis) and link them with routine management systems (such as mobile apps).

Thus, if you are thinking of empowering existing physical things using digital, IoT is your way to do it.

What purposes IoT can be used for?

  • Development of brand new products, businesses and even industries;
  • Improvement of existing goods and services;
  • Implementation of ideas, innovations and inventions;
  • Digital transformation etc.

What businesses need IoT services?

In the modern HI-TECH world, IoT is widely used almost everywhere: from smart home and smart cities technologies to agriculture, logistics and military establishments.

Industrial Internet of Things

What purposes IIoT can be used for?

  • Opening new markets and entrepreneurial possibilities;
  • Increasing the productivity of equipment and decreasing the Marginal Cost of production;
  • Increased quality of the produced goods;
  • Optimization and improvement of working conditions for company employees;
  • Growth of production profitability and competitiveness in the market.

What businesses need IIoT services?

These technologies are applicable not only in manufacturing, factories and heavy industry (such as mining, power plants, aviation) but also in agriculture, logistics, finance, government services, as well as in inter-industry solutions.

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How we make it possible

The combination of a modern laboratory with cutting-edge equipment and a team of experts makes LANARS one of the most outstanding hardware developers in Europe. Our hardware team includes experienced professionals who have a background in hardware development for space and aircraft industries — that is why we’ve hired our staff in the heart of the space engineering industry, Ukraine.

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smart doorbell
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Smart Doorbell
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IoT Industries

IoT development for Smart Home

IoT devices are part of a smart home concept. It includes lighting, heating and air conditioning, security and video surveillance systems. The long-term benefits include energy savings through the automatic shutdowns of lighting and electrical appliances, and a higher level of security and comfort in and around the home.

IoT development for Healthcare

IoT devices can be used to provide remote health monitoring and emergency alert systems. These devices range from monitors of vital signs to advanced devices capable of monitoring specialized implants, such as pacemakers, electronic bracelets, prosthesis management systems or hearing aids. Dedicated sensors can also be installed in living spaces to monitor the general well-being of the elderly. The Internet of Things solutions are of great help in the treatment of chronic diseases, as well as in the prevention and control of illness.

IIoT development for Manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things allows manufacturing devices to be connected and equipped with numerous functions. IIoT solution enables the rapid production and optimization of new products and a quick response to product needs. Digital control systems for automating technological processes, operator tools, and maintenance information systems for optimizing the safety and protection of equipment are within the competence of IIoT services. It is also used for assembly processes, as well as for energy consumption optimization and other much-needed functions.


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