Digital solutions for manufacturing

Staying ahead of the curve and matching the industry standards in manufacturing can be achieved by continuous improvement and modernization. We at LANARS deal with complex engineering challenges by building and implementing IT solutions that solve them.

Manufacturing Software Development

Innovations for manufacturing companies

Hands-on experience of using leading technologies allows us to facilitate the improvement of technical processes, the creation of smart factories, and the automation of production. The following development services transform manufacturing for achieving better performance:

Hardware and Software development
Custom CRM & ERP software development
Embedded systems and PCB (Printed Circuit Boards)
Websites and custom enterprise web applications
Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things
Mobile App development (iOS, Android, Cross-platform)
Business Analysis with a fundamental discovery phase
manufacturing management systems

LANARS as a partner for manufacturing enterprises

To go through the digital transformation without stress, time losses, or extra costs, it is necessary to choose an experienced digitalization partner. LANARS has significant experience in implementing hardware and software development projects, and we have highlighted several basic suggestions that can lead your project to success:

  • Digital solutions that help to benefit from the Economy of Scale and Scope;
  • Maximum immersion in the project, fundamental business analysis;
  • Autonomous work with minimal involvement of the client in operational issues;
  • The expertise of the team, full range of technologies to apply, and availability of own facilities for creating the product (a Hardware laboratory)
  • Application of solid unique experience in the manufacturing industry;
  • We create the Internet of Everything which means that the most ambitious and complicated objectives can be achieved with our technical facilities.

Benefits of hardware & software development for the manufacturing from LANARS

Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things

The application of relevant IIoT technologies allows us to create custom solutions for any specific situation in the manufacturing industry.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

We provide painless cloud migration services for scaling manufacturing companies, improving supply chains, and cost reduction.

Technology strategy

Technology strategy

Strategic approach is the key to offering only suitable solutions that will surely match the company’s purposes. Audit, research, and development — we create the technology strategy for manufacturing companies to help them benefit from innovations.

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Industrial Internet of Things Solution for Metalworking
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