Liquid Tool

Industrial Internet of Things Solution for Metalworking

Liquid Tool — the Industrial Internet of Things for the metalworking industry. How custom hardware enhances manufacturing performance.

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Java Script

Design and Manufacture of Software Boards

Key Features

Hardware: Liquid concentration monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Software: Data transmission to the control unit and platform to manage data

Storing data and creating an accessible Internet archive

Remote access to sensor data and analytical records

Data processing and making fluid replacement time predictions

Case type


Internet of Things

Industrial fluid properties monitoring system

Our client is a startup in Europe focused on coolant solutions for the metalworking industry. The client's request was to boost the key performance indicators of their customers by providing them with a state-of-the-art industrial fluid properties (concentration and temperature) monitoring system.  

The task for LANARS included both hardware (compact, autonomous, highly sensitive sensors and a control unit for data storage and ancillary hardware made from plastic and aluminum) and software (remote coolant tank monitoring system which included software for sensors, mobile apps to collect data from sensors, data storage, or the main controller, UX solutions, and integrations with the existing industrial software our client uses) development. Since most metalworking industrial complexes have long-established production processes, the new IoT solution had to be organically integrated into their workflow and at the same time help companies better allocate their resources.

Among the key client requirements for sensors were the small sizes of the future product, software flexibility, and full compatibility with other digital systems used at the metalworking plants. High accuracy of sensors and general reliability of equipment and software solutions were also a must. The liquid level monitoring system was created from scratch. The LANARS team spent a significant amount of time testing various equipment concepts and device options.

Product advantages

Liquid Tool as a smart coolant management system provides an overview of the connected devices and their measured values at any time, tries to ensure easy integration with different infrastructure, and tackle issues immediately. Discover more features of the product in the advantages section.

IoT Ecosystem

This remote monitoring system was to be integrated into the IoT network of the industrial complexes to help metalworking companies optimize and scale up production processes.

Facilitated Maintenance

Used together with coolants produced by our client, the project extends the working life of industrial machines and makes their maintenance less costly.

Compact & Powerful

The key technology that we applied is related to the measurement of the refractive index of light in liquids (sensors are refractometry-based). Thus, we have created a truly compact device ready for mass production.

Industry Innovations

Liquid Tool was once a traditional industrial company with an old-fashioned way of doing things. But they have decided to move forward and adopt a new strategy, automate their processes, step on the route towards Industry 4.0, and provide their customers with state-of-the-art IIoT solutions.

Automation for Productivity

To automate the manual management of the coolant and improve productivity, special software was created. Coolant makes up 3% of the whole expenses during production, and affects the other 97% of the process, because the condition of machines and cutting knives heavily depend on the condition of the coolant. Liquid Tool solution brings out the best of automation to boost productivity.

Real-Time Monitoring

The cloud-based software solution for Liquid Tool is represented by the application used by factory workers, and a cloud-based admin panel, where either part of management or the workers can see in real-time what happens on their factory floor.

Challenges and solutions

Industry specifics and client's production workflow


The new technical solution was supposed to optimize production processes and simplify quality control for the metalworking industry. Our client’s project makes coolants a key factor in higher production performance.


To achieve these goals, our team conducted detailed preliminary research and met with technology and industry experts.

Customer requirements


There was no ready-made technical solution in the field of temperature sensor remote monitoring that met the expectations of our client.


We designed the system from scratch, taking into account specific requirements, some of which appeared at the development stage of the project.

Ultimate accuracy of the equipment


Maintaining sensor accuracy in the chemical industry is both critical and challenging. And it was also a key requirement from the client.


Our team designed the equipment taking into account the latest advances in this area. The equipment is not only reliable (which has been proven in testing), but also compact.

Software integrability


IIoT chemical engineering, as well as metalworking technology, which is constantly evolving, meant that we needed to consider the client's ability to integrate our software into other products that could be used in the future. We also needed to ensure that early devices were compatible with their later editions.


The developed IoT system with highly sensitive sensors and a control unit for data storage and ancillary hardware is compact and autonomous, so it can be used in the future with newer technologies.

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