Personal Car Expenses Assistant

Carvis helps users keep all vehicle car-related data at their fingertips as well as track spending and plan service station visits.

Tech Solutions & Platforms

Front-end: Swift, Kotlin

Back-end: Python

Architecture: Viper, Coordinator patterns, Dependency Injection

Key Features

Expenses tracking and filters

Record adding

Car expenses analytics & fueling statistics

Virtual garage maintenance

Reminders to proceed with tech services


Case type

Mobile App



Keep your car maintenance handy

Carvis can be used by drivers across the world as the problem it solves is typical for drivers regardless of their place of living, gender, or age. However, the basic version of the app is an English one, and its UX and UI design best matches with men aged from 20 to 50 years who live in Europe and the US.    

Carvis is the very first product created by LANARS on a full-cycle basis. Moreover, its concept is a brainchild of the company team, which also makes Carvis the first LANARS product. Carvis is free to use and doesn’t contain ads. 

Product advantages

Every time you refuel your car, go through a tech checkup or upgrade your vehicle with a new supply, you don't just throw the check and hide the documents somewhere (where you will never find them again), but save the information in the Carvis app. It processes the data and tells you insights about your vehicle, the most important of which is how much your car or motorcycle costs you.

Adding information on your car-related expenses is simple — users can make text notes, set reminders, and add photos of documents and car parts. Intuitive UX is our main achievement.

You are just one click away from a detailed multi-layered analysis of your car spending. There are no limitations connected to the number of vehicles you may include in your virtual garage.

Create virtual profiles of your cars, add pictures, and assign records to each of them. You can easily switch between profiles and compare analytics.

CARVIS mobilapp


Carvis er det aller første produktet laget av LANARS

CARVIS - personlig bilutgiftsassistent

CARVIS mobilapp



Challenges and solutions

Too many views on product functionality


The project team mainly consisted of people who own cars and motorcycles. Naturally, each of them had their point of view regarding the functionality and UX of that sort of app.


The fact that our team consisted of people who own cars allowed us to save budgets on focus groups. We could effectively pitch each other's ideas and come up with hybrid solutions. However, for future projects, we decided to work with an independent focus group.

Lack of experience in creating products from scratch


Before the Carvis application, our team carried out commercial orders for hard and software development. We did not have experience in executing a full-cycle project and rarely experimented with tech solutions, preferring time-tested tech approaches.


We applied the best practices of smart planning and management to produce a valuable product. Projects like Carvis empower us to learn and grow without risking our customers' money and trust.

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