Custom IT development for healthcare & wellness

Health monitoring, active lifestyle, painless aging — the growing relevance of these topics produced the demand for healthcare applications, IoT inventions, and other digital products. Clearly understanding how significant they are for the quality of life, we implement such projects from inception to maintenance.

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Developing, scaling, launching, and support of healthcare products

Instant results of medical research, remote patient monitoring or robotic surgery — medical software and hardware has become an unlimited source of pure innovation. We are ready to turn IT solutions for healthcare into life, from the very common (listed below) to the most specific.

Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, Cross-Platform development);
Web Development (CRM & ERP Systems, websites development, custom enterprise applications).
Full-cycle Custom Healthcare Hardware & Software Development on the turnkey basis;
Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, and Internet of Medical Things;
medical software development

LANARS as a partner for healthcare companies

Armed with 8 years of experience in the Northern Europe market, unique expertise, and cutting-edge technologies, the LANARS team is a complete match for getting things done in healthcare software development and hardware design. We offer:

  • Hardware & Software expertise in one team;
  • Unique laboratory for creating IoT & IIoT;
  • Transparency at all stages of project development;
  • Focus on the project implementation and launch;
  • Minimal client involvement, fundamental business analysis.


Cloud-native solutions

Cloud-native solutions

We deliver cloud-native medical software development services and adapt the digital system for painless scaling. Cloud computing allows the creation of flexible healthcare resources and delivery of reliable databases, networking, and analytics.



Medical data demands significant protection, so we ensure it and guarantee the highest standards of storage. In healthcare software development, as well as hardware, we use proven encryption algorithms, choose optimal ways of storing information on servers and utilize trusted verification standards.

Digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystem

The full range of technologies we use allows us to build digital ecosystems on a turnkey basis, and integrate applications, CRMs, and other solutions into one automated structure. Custom healthcare software development makes it possible for such digital units to function as a scalable system.

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