Digital solutions for smart homes and cities

To create a competitive product for smart homes and cities, enter the market successfully, and maintain the project, deep expertise in hardware and software development is a must-have. LANARS team is a total match for ambitious smart homes projects.

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Hardware and software development for smart homes

The technology stack for home automation and smart cities holds limitless possibilities for optimization of household processes. Smart lighting, heating, and air conditioning, security, and video surveillance systems — we deliver customized smart home solutions for any purpose:

Hardware & Software Development on a turnkey basis
Mobile App development
Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things
Mobile App Development
Web Development (websites and applications)
Discovery phase (Business Analysis) to choose the best fit for reaching business goals
Integration embedded systems
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LANARS as a partner for smart homes projects

Combined expertise in hardware & software development allows us to arm businesses for the ultimate success in this innovation-driven industry. We implement IT projects based on:

  • Turnkey projects, full range of expertise and technologies;
  • We create the Internet of Everything — and we are ready to bring the most complex and ambitious ideas to life;
  • Special attention to the R&D phase;
  • Launching the project and providing support along the way;
  • Effective business analysis with MVP development plan & estimates.

Benefits of Smart Home Software by LANARS

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

The Internet of Things devices for smart homes that we create can notify their owners in advance if they need attention. Thus, possible failures of home automation software and hardware are prevented.

Full-cycle development

Full-cycle smart home development

Hardware and software expertise in one team — we execute all stages of smart home projects.


Security, energy efficiency, and entertainment

We provide smart home solutions for each area of human lives, as well as connect them into one digital ecosystem.

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