Top 10 Mobile apps utilizing AI

Top 10 Mobile apps utilizing AI
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In the year 2024, one can discover an abundance of AI products and services. Everything from top-tier AI writing apps to AI image editors is available. Every day since OpenAI unveiled the new GPT-4 model, the future of AI has become exciting and the entire software development market has changed drastically.

So, naturally, you may be wondering, What is the best AI app out there? Well, ChatGPT, Alexa, and Siri aren't the only AI apps available; there are a ton of excellent ones that do much more. Here is a selection of the best AI apps for both Android and iOS to help you out. Therefore, let us go right in.

#1 Google Assistant

This is probably the biggest and best free AI app on this list. Google has partnered with other companies to bring Google Assistant to a wide range of devices, such as vehicles, fridges, headsets, and smartphones.

With the use of NLP, Google Assistant allows users to submit text or voice commands. It has a plethora of functions, such as real-time translation, voice commands, online content finding, alerts, and more.

In most cases, people ask the assistant questions using natural language instead of the typical keywords they use when searching Google.

So, you can say what you like in simple, plain English and it'll have no problem understanding you.           

Top Features:

  • Voice commands for a variety of uses, including but not limited to managing smart household devices and playing music
  • Using NLP to easily understand the commands in simple English
  • Time, place, and previous actions used to make clever suggestions
  • Real-time translation

#2 Lensa AI

Lensa AI has risen rapidly to become one of the most popular and widely used AI applications in 2024 since its inception. Many iPhone users consider it as the best ai app for iphone. Although Lensa is a user-friendly picture editor, we're more interested in its AI features. With real-life selfies, AI technology generates lifelike avatars of users.

Magic Avatars is the name of the AI option that utilizes deep learning to generate these incredible selfies. By analyzing real photos, Lensa AI is able to make many avatars by combining aspects from the real and artificial worlds.

The app interface is easy to use. You can create your avatar in just several steps. After that, choose a style from the many available and add at least ten pics. You should know that Lensa AI costs money and needs a one-time payment to generate. Still, the investment is justified since the generated images are both accurate and stunningly attractive.

To get a wide variety of avatars, you may combine several designs with various photographs. If you own an Android or iOS device, you should definitely download Lensa AI.

Top Features:

  • To get a flawless end result, the app uses sophisticated AI algorithms to automatically fill in the spaces left by the deleted items.
  • Real-time review: As you tweak and add features, the app shows you a live preview of the updated version.
  • Superb picture editing features
  • An intuitive design
  • Lightweight software can do the job just fine.

#3 Bing AI & Edge

Similar to ChatGPT, Microsoft has infused the Bing search engine with an AI chat component. In fact, ChatGPT serves as the main search experience on Bing. This gives ChatGPT users access to the whole web and news about current events. Bing saw a significant increase in traffic after integrating OpenAI.

It gives people full answers that can be summed up to make things clearer. With the new and updated chat interface, users may have more active conversations, like creating a vacation timetable, etc. 

When it comes to original writing, Bing AI can handle tasks like drafting essays, interview training, and more. Thanks to the compose feature, the app can take in your input and create an original piece out of it. In addition to changing the content's structure, length, and voice, users may also alter it.

With artificial intelligence (AI) Microsoft has totally changed how users enjoy the Edge browser. Edge currently has two primary functions: write and chat.

You can easily summarize a long text with important points using the Edge sidebar, and if you have any concerns about the subject, you may utilize the chat option to have your questions answered.

Top Features:

  • Using AI conversation for search purposes is really very effective.
  • In terms of browser performance, it's fast, features extensions like an ad blocker, and syncs with the Windows or Mac version.
  • Available to all users with zero-time waiting
  • Advanced editing and creative writing


If you're looking for an AI app on Android or iOS, UPDF is one of the best new AI apps on the market. In addition to being very quick and secure, it has an easy-to-understand user interface. Support for several platforms is what really makes this AI application stand out.

There are a plethora of useful functions included, from the most fundamental (reading, editing, and marking) to the cutting-edge (quick file management and remarkable AI capabilities).

Thanks to its AI capabilities, UPDF can also convert your PDF document into a language you can understand in seconds. The program may summarize or explain the document and produce information based on your instructions. To top it all off? In case you hit a roadblock, the app includes a section with helpful hints to fix the issue easily.

Top Features:

  • Page-by-page summarization
  • Near-instant translation
  • Countless editing & review features
  • Seamless experience with user-friendly UI

#5 WOMBO Dream

Lensa is great for turning photos into stunning reproductions, but there are plenty of other AI picture producers out there. An app like WOMBO Dream, which uses AI to generate stunning graphics from nothing, is an excellent example of this. 

Dream is similar to other art creators in that it asks the user to choose an art style and then provides a lengthy text prompt. To give the AI a head start, you may even input photographs. You can hit "Create" and then, in a little while, you'll see some beautiful masterpieces.

You can see that WOMBO creates lots of excellent images that are ready to be uploaded anywhere. Next, try out several styles and play with the suggestions to create combinations that are completely your own.

Top Features:

  • Generate text to picture, animation, or video.
  • Various forms of artistic expression
  • Various picture formats and sizes to choose from
  • Integrating direct sharing
  • Safe for children

#6 Otter AI

Voice-to-text transcription apps are created by using AI. Android and iOS users can take notes automatically during meetings using either audio recordings or real-time transcriptions. Otter AI chat allows users to pose questions and get immediate responses during sessions.

In addition, Otter AI supports group work and conversation between users. In addition to generating emails, meeting overviews, agenda items, etc., the AI app can produce content.

This app can be really handy for different industries as it allows professionals to use AI in healthcare, marketing, education, sales and media. Otter offers AI solutions for schools, businesses, and individuals.

You may integrate your calendars with OtterPilot using Otter AI for enterprises. Even if you're running behind schedule, OtterPilot may automatically join Zoom meetings and begin taking notes. It can also take notes during meetings and write up a summary so everyone can work together.

Otterpilot records and transcribes conversations, whether they take place in person or online, allowing users to participate more actively. They can also color texts, add pictures, and make notes that are uniquely their own by using a user-defined vocabulary.

Top Features:

  • Transcribing meetings automatically while distinguishing speakers
  • Streaming closed captions and notes
  • Software for synchronizing, modifying, and sharing audio and video
  • Personalized terms and teamwork

#7 ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is a hit AI-powered tool for improving your English skills, particularly pronunciation. It’s an effective tool to help you prepare for different exams like IELTS. This app allows users to improve their command of English and vocabulary via small conversations. The AI app monitors their performance and provides immediate feedback to help them quickly go through the levels.

Deep learning and speech recognition are the two tools that help the app to do this. The program takes audio recordings of the user and analyzes them automatically. Then, by using visual clues that indicate which parts of the phrase you got correctly, you may get immediate feedback on your pronunciation.

Top Features:

  • It's a technology that uses artificial intelligence to track your listening, pronunciation, and flow.
  • It might help you get ready for some international English proficiency tests like the IELTS.
  • It’s the first AI app that focuses on a specific aspect of English learning, pronunciation.

#8 Notion AI

Working with Notion AI is like having a personal assistant that helps you get more done. It is one of the best apps with Artificial intelligence capabilities. Notion AI can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your work if you are studying, typing, or taking notes. To enhance your work or access crucial information, you no longer need to toggle between several tools. Notion AI streamlines the formatting process and ensures your writing looks great, freeing you up to zero in on what really matters.

Moreover, Notion AI is great at meetings. Using Notion AI, you won't have to worry about the laborious task of taking disorganized notes and then summarizing them. Notion AI is an artificial intelligence tool that can summarize, create action items, and create personalized content based on data from the website you're now viewing. Make use of these as meeting agenda templates, too.

Top Features:

  • Helps save time by making writing more efficient
  • Develops unique meeting reports
  • An all-in-one assistant tool with advanced editing features

#9 Replika

Replika is still a top artificial intelligence app for both iOS and Android, despite being quite old. In fact, many believe it is the best artificial intelligence app for android. The early days of the AI chatbot field, Replika AI was among the most prominent applications. 

An all-inclusive chatbot, Replika AI is dedicated to building connections and offering people companionship. You can only have casual conversations using ChatGPT, but with Replika, you can develop a deeper bond.

Every Replika AI starts off as a blank slate. But the app transforms into a customized chatbot as it gradually learns through the chats. You may change the Replika avatar's gender and look to your liking. In other words, people are free to modify the AI as they see fit.

From casual chats to elaborate events and even video chats with the AI, Replika has it all. The bot keeps a diary of conversational moments that you may access whenever you choose because it has a unique personality.

Top Features:

  • Sophisticated chats with a digital companion
  • Writing down thoughts and feelings
  • Reducing stress, techniques like guided meditation
  • Avatar personalization

#10 Socratic

Students in high school and college will love this top-notch AI app for Android and iOS. With the assistance of Google's AI, Socratic AI can direct students to online resources that can answer their questions.

The app not only provides illustrations of key ideas but also lets students utilize their cameras to scan their projects and ask questions.

Using text and voice recognition, Socratic can help with learning in many subjects, including science, algebra, sociology, and more. You can get this tool in the Play Store or the App Store for both iOS and Android.

Top Features:

  • Scanning assignments
  • Speech and text recognition
  • It supports several languages.
  • Working seamlessly with YouTube


So, there you have it. This is a full list of the best AI apps for Android and iOS. With the growing impact of AI and phones on our lives, this technology has become a great blessing for any mobile app development company


Is it possible for AI smartphone apps to replace real-life interactions between people?

Artificial intelligence (AI) smartphone applications can add to human connection with helpful features and tailored experiences, but they can't take the place of humans entirely. While these applications may let us do more with less, nothing beats the power of personal connection and empathy when it comes to really connecting with others.

Can anyone use these AI apps?

Accessibility is a top priority for developers working on AI-powered mobile applications. Device compatibility, internet connection, and individual needs are a few of the variables that could affect accessibility. But, yes, there’s no reason why anyone may be deprived of these tools.

Will AI apps put people out of work?

AI might be able to handle some tasks, which could change some job roles. But it also opens access to innovative industries and generates new positions and markets. This is actually the deal with any major technology that comes into our lives.

What if I want to develop my own app? Where can I get started?

It’s a good idea because the market for AI apps is constantly growing, but you need a powerful team of experts that has an excellent track record in this sector. You can contact LANARS team representatives and share your idea.