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Edge computing and IoT: a Whole New World
Edge computing and IoT: a Whole New WorldAs IoT devices are booming on the market, so does the scope of data produced by them. Such rapid development and enormous scopes of information create latency issues and decrease the productivity of data transfer and operational systems within organizations. Thus, edge computing is suggesting a perfect solution for it all — processing the data at the very point where it’s created, without losing the time on sending it to a centralized data center or into the cloud and other secondary operations.Read more
Business Analysis: How Data Makes Your Business More Efficient
Business Analysis: How Data Makes Your Business More EfficientIn the article, we dwell upon the benefits of this aspect in businesses of all kinds and tackle only some of the industries that showcase the best results from engaging with business analysis in their work. We discover the processes and algorithms in Business Analysis that help companies around the world grow and thrive, putting raw data to good use. Its work for the business can mean the difference between leading the market and staying mediocre.Read more
How to name an app: Find a perfect name for your app
How to name an app: Find a perfect name for your appApplication naming is an essential part of its branding, marketers say, as the product name is aimed to evoke a brand feeling in the customer’s heart and leave it in their memory by a particular label. In this article, we are trying to find out how come that some names sounding like nonsense (take Google or Shazam) could overcome language and other barriers better than others. You will also find hundreds of useful tips on cool app naming here.Read more
Hardware Development for Business Innovation
Hardware Development for Business InnovationWhen it comes to business innovation, technological advancements often come to the rescue. We can spend hours discussing the various software development solutions that come to mind first. But, what if hardware development can offer more real opportunities that any business can take advantage of.Read more
Telemedicine App Development: All You Need to Know
Telemedicine App Development: All You Need to KnowIt seems that our society is currently on the cusp of a new connected healthcare industry. In 2021, rapid telemedicine app development is a completely reasonable and justified trend all over the world. In part, this is because of the dramatic global challenges, forcing healthcare systems to reform. Plus, medical organizations are increasingly giving preference to remote care delivery services because of the tremendous benefits it provides to both patients and doctors.Read more
How to Create a Custom Money Transfer App
How to Create a Custom Money Transfer AppSignificant changes in the financial services industry have taken place with the development of custom money transfer applications. Since then, an internet connection is all you need to perform any time-consuming financial transaction via a mobile app. Due to simple solutions being the norm for most of us, today's online money transfer systems offer customers maximum speed and convenience. So, customers are free to access whatever information they like, receive and perform basic operations.Read more
Acceptance Criteria for User Stories
Acceptance Criteria for User StoriesIn this article, we would like you to better understand the meaning of writing a concise user acceptance criteria. Answering the basic questions that often arise when documenting the project requirements, we will also discuss what types and structures of software acceptance criteria exist. After that, we'll reinforce your knowledge with a few examples of how and when to write acceptance criteria to achieve more success.Read more
App Development Process at LANARS: Core App Development Phases
App Development Process at LANARS: Core App Development PhasesWhen businesses seek technical solutions to implement their ideas, the next step is finding a reliable contractor qualified for this purpose. In the diverse market of software vendors, potential customers are often puzzled by the abundance of offers. They might be wondering how the development process is structured and what workflows are set up within the software team. They need to be assured the end-product will be profitable, with guarantees of high-performance and quality.Read more
15 Top web development trends in 2021
15 Top web development trends in 2021What major website trends 2021 you need to consider? In a highly competitive market such as a digital one, it is important to foresee changes and learn how to adapt to them. Get to know 15 web trends of the next year and meet the decade fully armed!Read more
Web Application Architecture: Best Practices and Guides
Web Application Architecture: Best Practices and GuidesIf you are planning to develop and launch a web product, sooner or later you will come across the concept of web application architecture. This term is used by software developers to describe the high-level structure of a digital product, including data storage and server operation specifics. The quality of the web architecture determines the reliability, performance, and security of your product. In this article, we will describe the most popular types of modern web application architectureRead more
Best Tech Stack for Mobile App Development
Best Tech Stack for Mobile App DevelopmentToday making a good mobile application means satisfying a lot of user’s preferences. It is important to provide great work quickly, with a high-level of security, and an attractive interface. To cover all these points we need to choose a good technology stack for mobile applications. It allows us to reduce spending on app development, saves time, offers new prospects and makes future project improvement easier and more flexible.Read more
Cloud-based applications development: All you need to know
Cloud-based applications development: All you need to knowCloud-based solutions are believed to dominate the digital world. According to Cisco, the cloud will host over 94% of workload and computing processes in 2021. The cloud approach is also becoming extremely popular in eCommerce and other specific business areas due to advantages such as scalability, enhanced productivity, traffic cost reduction, and significantly lower equipment cost.Read more

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