Custom e-commerce development

Fast-developing trends in e-commerce may challenge some businesses to keep up with the scope of the industry. Deep engagement in unique projects and the availability of the most suitable e-commerce development services for businesses help contribute to the field. Whether it’s developing a website from scratch or improving an existing one, as well as CRM & ERP, mobile, or IoT development, our team helps to build or modernize a system that works for outstanding performance.

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Addressing E-Commerce Industry Challenges

With high technical expertise, we create advantageous digital e-commerce development solutions and get rid of inefficient manual processes. Issues hindering progress are identified and fixed. Such modernization is possible through:


Web Development
CRM & ERP systems creation
B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms development
Enterprise web applications development
App Development (iOS, Android, Cross-Platform development)
Payment gateway integrations
WhatsAppContact via WhatsApp
ecommerce development

LANARS as a partner for e-commerce

We are a result-oriented team helping e-commerce companies achieve their main goal — customer satisfaction. A full understanding of the client’s concerns and demands for improving this aspect allows us to provide services that fit perfectly. The advantages of working with LANARS to benefit from:

  • Team with 8 years of expertise in custom software & hardware development;
  • Proven track record of developed systems (including CRM & ERP) that are implemented in worldwide projects;
  • Tailor-made solutions to fit specific business needs;
  • The discovery phase helps to map out further development process;
  • IT consulting services;
  • UI & UX design;
  • Building win-win business relations through transparency.

Benefits of e-commerce development by LANARS

Cloud migration

Platform migration

DevOps expertise allows us to painlessly migrate your databases, configurations, functions, and even UI & UX to a new platform. Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment makes the process consistent and highly-accurate, perfectly aligned with business requirements.

End-to-end solutions

End-to-end ecommerce development solutions

Our team utilizes a full range of technologies for implementing e-commerce projects, from launch to maintenance, as well as for improving and scaling the existing ones.

QA for e-commerce

Business analysis, testing, and QA for e-commerce

A clear understanding of the e-commerce project needs and objectives is necessary for success, that is why we pay a lot of attention to business analysis. Another important stage is testing, which ensures a total match with the initial expectations.

Technologies we apply

We prioritize staying at the forefront of technology. By harnessing cutting-edge approaches, we drive innovation and deliver exceptional digital services for our clients.


Power and high-frequency electronics (from supply units, invertors, industrial electronics, generators; to microcontrollers and their interfaces, ARM, MIPS, programmable matrices CPLD, FPGA, mobile systems, communication nodes, etc).

Embedded Programming

Microcontrollers (ARM, MIPS, 16-bit, 8-bit); Single-board computers (Embedded Linux); FPGA and CPLD; Processors (RISC, CISC); Peripheral equipment. DSP CPU.

Tools for hardware (peripherals)

Interfaces (I2C, PWM, SDIO, USB, WiFi, Ethernet, DCMI, RC6, LoRa WAN, MFR, Bluetooth, and others); Storage (ROM, DDRAM, DIM, etc.); Screens (TFT, LCD, OLED, etc.); Communication modules (LTE, 3G, GPRS); GPS, GLONASS; Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer; and others.

Tools for Embedded

MPLABX IDE (programming and debugging microcontrollers Microchip, MIPS); IAR Embedded workbench (programming and debugging microcontrollers ARM); QUARTUS (development environment for CPLD, FPGA — ALTERA/ XILINX); ECLIPSE (universal development environment for various systems); MATLAB.

Programming languages for Hardware

Assembler; VHDL; VERILOG; C; C++; Python

PCB Design & Development

Altium Designer: Design of circuits, and printed circuit boards or PCBs. Mentor Graphics: Design of circuits and PCBs, for distributed tasks. Electronics Workbench (electronic circuit simulation and design).

Web (Frontend)

HTML 5 + CSS 3; React + Redux; Angular

Web (Backend)

Node.js; Python; .NET


Wordpress; Opencart; Woocommerce

Android (Mobile)

Kotlin; Java

Selected cases

  • Wi-Fi Load Cell App
    Wi-Fi Load Cell App
    Smart application for oil wells drilling
    IoT system for monitoring the oil drilling process.
    View more
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  • Valve Monitoring Project
    Valve Monitoring Project
    Smart application for oil valves monitoring
    Smart (IoT) Platform for Automation of Processes in Oil and Gas Industry.
    View more
    View more
  • Shoplabs
    Mobile Platform for E-commerce
    A platform connecting an online store and a checkout system for small stores operations optimization.
    View more
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  • platform for medical personnel in the military
    Medic Tool
    Platform for medical personnel in the military
    Saving lives in field conditions with a phone — first-of-a-kind mobile application Medic Tool.
    View more
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  • Industrial internet of things solution for metalworking
    Liquid Tool
    Industrial Internet of Things Solution for Metalworking
    Liquid Tool — the Industrial Internet of Things for the metalworking industry. How custom hardware enhances manufacturing performance.
    View more
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  • Hy5 App
    Hy5 App
    Smooth interaction with a prosthetic hand
    Connect a prosthesis with a mobile app for effortless management — the case of Hy5 App.
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    View more
  • smart doorbell
    Smart Doorbell
    Defigo makes life easier and safer for those who live in an apartment building and for office owners.
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  • Miloo
    Swiss-assembled E-bikes and E-scooters
    Mobility with comfort, stability, and individual approach.
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  • Memento - On-demand Fitness Platform
    On-demand Fitness Platform
    Beating inactivity and promoting exercise — how the fitness platform Memento transforms the approach to sport.
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  • International social network for Readers
    International Social Network for Readers
    How a passion for reading can inspire you to create a successful business? This is a story of Byzans — an international social network for readers
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  • Android APP for money transfer and exchange
    Android App for Money Transfer and Exchange
    Mobile app for stress-free and secure money exchange — the case of Vizium.
    View more
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  • Liquid app
    Personal Car Expenses Assistant
    Carvis helps users keep all vehicle car-related data at their fingertips as well as track spending and plan service station visits.
    View more
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