Digital solutions for the energy industry

The need for technologies that increase energy efficiency, and at the same time, reducing emissions and ensuring safety, is the driver of digital innovations in the field of energy and utilities. LANARS is introducing productive solutions, like electric utility software or hardware, and focuses on the real performance of the project.

Energy Software Development

Digitalization for efficiency in the energy industry

Modern times require solid solutions for the energy industry that help harness the economy of scope and gain more opportunities for the business. Optimizing resources, and creating smart grids for electricity, gas, and water are among the tasks we help to complete. Other solutions include:

Web Development (CRM & ERP systems, websites, and web applications for better customer engagement and cooperation).
Custom energy management Hardware & Software Development on a turnkey basis
Smart shutters, sensors, readers, and other smart devices
Industrial Internet of Things for improved energy production and consumption
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LANARS as a partner for energy companies

Long-term partnership is a tool that makes great things happen. We become familiar with specific pains and issues and establish goals and restrictions for every project. Using such an individual approach allows for the implementation of the development strategy that delivers tangible results. We strengthen energy software and hardware projects by offering:

  • Tools and devices manufactured in a professional lab ready to be instantly applied in real life;
  • Highly-qualified experts in space engineering as part of the team;
  • Eco-friendly and painless digital transformation through top-quality technologies.

Benefits of energy management software development by LANARS

Digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystem

We can connect devices and sensors that measure energy, electricity, water, and emissions levels into one automatic self-sufficient system.



Data in energy software ventures demands the most significant protection, so we ensure it and guarantee the highest standards of transmission and storage.

Technology strategy

Technology strategy

Our business analysts and consultants will analyze business processes to find the best IT solutions that will increase productivity and decrease operational costs.

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