Digital solutions for banking and finance

Commitment to the principles of transparency is crucial because of all the fears and risks in the banking industry. Our team is ready to instantly implement innovative ideas in projects while maintaining safety as a key requirement in the field.

banking software development

Banking software development solutions

Safety, reliability, and transparency for banking services. We provide companies with efficient and modern solutions for stable functioning and growth through:


Building hardware and IoT solutions
Mobile apps and UI/UX for online banking
Full online banking system integration
Cloud Computing and SaaS
Customized banking platforms and websites development
Digital automation of financial transactions
software development for banks

LANARS as a partner for the banking sector

Finding a software development company for banks that is worth investing the time in is difficult, but not impossible. Our team is always thrilled to discover innovative ideas and put real work into their implementation. This approach has proved to be a match for many companies, and their projects in the Norwegian market are thriving and bringing value for customers. We help businesses by offering:

  • Transparency in all processes — clear requirements and instant execution with openness to suggestions;
  • Minimized client involvement in the development process;
  • Launch and support the project;
  • Expert Business Analysis team that ensures true individual customization of the banking solution.

Benefits of software development for banks by LANARS

Consumer banking

Consumer banking

We are ready to develop chatbots, mobile applications, and other custom solutions to make the banking experience of your clients personalized, simple and clear.

Risk Management

Risk Management

We develop digital solutions for banking and investment that allow users to take into account market indicators, trends and obtain real-time data.


Security and privacy for banking

Financial data demands significant protection, so we ensure it and guarantee the highest standards of transmission and storage. We also provide security of payment processes.

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