Step tracking application

Mobile app for tracking steps with a reward system for walking.

Tech Solutions & Platforms

Mobile client: iOS (Swift)

Back-end: Django (Python)

Key Features

Step counting

Step map

My Statistic

Win products (Scratch to win)

Redeem products

Case type

Mobile App


More walking — more prizes

Tweego is not just a usual pedometer — the users are motivated to walk more and lead a healthier lifestyle to get more points. These points then can be exchanged for valuable prizes from sponsors. 

Tweego is an app that helps to improve public health, create better activity habits, have a positive impact on users’ mental health, and reduce the ecological footprint.

Gamification and game elements are the most important part of Tweego. Such solutions make users are more engaged and excited to re-think their routines, become more sporty, and be rewarded for this.

The LANARS team was asked to re-develop the app from scratch and improve the back-end for stable functioning. The client got a consistently functioning app that improves user experience and delivers customer satisfaction.

Mobile App zum Verfolgen von Schritten

TWEEGO Mobile App zum Verfolgen von Schritten

TWEEGO-App für Mobilgeräte


Challenges and solutions

Correct step counter


As our task was to re-develop the app, we came across a lot of bugs and inconsistencies in the legacy code. Especially, in such an important feature as step counting.


We rewrote the Step counting logic and made it work correctly by creating a new backend part. The user does not have to open the app every day to view the collected points for their steps (to avoid any frustration when points get lost because they don't check the app daily).

No cheating


A lot of iOS step tracking apps get information about the amount of walked distance (steps) from HealthKit. Users can input steps into HealthKit manually and the apps will count them as a correct number.


To avoid manual input and cheating in Tweego, there is no possibility to manually alter the number of steps, as the app counts only the real distance that users walked to encourage an active lifestyle.

Gamification and visual animation


One of the main goals was to make the app enjoyable to use. It required animations and gamification part.


LANARS iOS team has professionally implemented visual animations for gamification parts, providing the users with an outstanding experience with the application.

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