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How to Hire React Native Developer: Skills, Salary, Interview Questions

React Native seems to be a great solution for digital products projected to run on both iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, being a modern JavaScript framework for native app development, React Native allows you to reduce the product development budget and speed up project execution. The question is how to find a React Native developer that shares your corporate values and whose salary matches your budget expectations. 


Unfortunately, having a perfect job description is not enough to find a specialist with an appropriate set of hard and soft skills. In this article, we’ll provide you with useful tips on how to hire React Native developers, even if you have zero hiring experience. You’ll also learn about what React Native developer salaries you should offer candidates from various regions. 


Why Is It So Hard to Hire React Native Developers?

React Native is designed for native mobile app development. Its main advantage is that the framework allows you to share your code between platforms, which means you can create a cross-platform app with its help, which saves you time and budget on building separate versions for iOS and Android. In addition, you can hire React Native developer teams and split a huge development task among them. This approach enables you to speed up the development process even more.  


How does a React Native app work? In brief, it renders ready-made UI components and does not require web view downloading, which also means it requires fewer resources to perform well. Apps of this kind also easily access hardware in-built features such as cameras, GPS tracking tools, and many others. 


React Native apps work well both for users and companies. They provide users with the best possible mobile experience and help developers create apps faster by using the Reactjs library. All that makes the approach extremely popular among product companies, which in turn, makes it harder for newcomers to hire a React Native app developer. 


So who is a React Native app developer? They are a JavaScript developer who has gone deeper into the React Native framework and has experience in developing cross-platform mobile apps in this way. You’ll rarely find a “pure” React Native developer while looking through your candidates’ resumes. Most developers will describe themselves as JavaScript specialists and mention their React Native skills as a secondary point within their skillset. 


Another aspect that makes it difficult for you to hire React Native developers is your list of soft skill requirements. To define a candidate’s personality, you need to spend additional time interviewing them which is not always possible if you need to leverage your team with a React Native developer in the middle of a project. The critical soft skills for such an engineer include:

  • Adaptivity 
  • Flexibility and creativity toward resolving development issues 
  • Ability and desire to learn
  • Cooperativeness 
  • Helpfulness
  • Good time-management skills

To make it easier for you to select candidates for further interviews we recommend that you pay attention to such things as their cultural background, project portfolio, and client reviews. Below in this article, we’ll describe 3 options you have if you need to hire a React Native developer. However, a more in-depth look into the candidate's background and previous work will be helpful for you, regardless of what strategy you choose. 


Companies Who Use React Native

Mobile app development with React Native is widespread. Market leaders use this approach to optimize their budget and offer customers the best possible online experience. Here are a few companies that use the technology while building their mobile apps: Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram, Airbnb, UberEats, Bloomberg, Discord, WIX, and many more.


The growing popularity of React Native affects the React Native developers' hourly rate around the world. Since there are not as many specialists with the skills to develop React Native applications, the cost of their work is often higher than the cost of a traditional JavaScript developer. At the same time, you can optimize your budget by hiring a JavaScript software engineer, and then investing money in improving their qualifications.


A React Native developer salary in the USA and other countries with high living standards (Norway and Canada) will be the highest. If your company is located in one of these regions, a cost-effective solution for you is to opt for outsourcing development or work to freelancers from less economically developed regions.

React Native search volume in 2021 compared to Flutter, Mobile App Daily


React Native Developer: Skills

As with any other software-related position, candidates are often selected by checking their soft and hard skills. In the previous section, we listed the most important soft skills. Don’t treat our list as a set of rules, as soft skills are always about personality and it is better to come up with your own list of candidate features that will match your corporate communication standards. 


As for React Native developer skills that define them as engineers, things are getting much more concrete. You can divide candidates into 3 categories according to their level of experience, skills, and additional knowledge. These basic categories: junior, middle, and senior React Native developer. To define the level that your future engineer should have achieved, look through your project requirements and tech documentation. 


Learn how to come up with your project details at early stages — How to Write a Product Requirements Document: All You Need To Know


Junior React Native developer

When you need junior-level engineers — you want to scale up development and have middle and senior-level developers who can become mentors for juniors.


The boundaries between different levels of engineers are rather blurred. What we can say for sure, is that the junior-level professional has little or no experience with React Native. At the same time, the advantage of working with such a specialist is that their hourly rate is significantly lower than that of workers of a higher category. If you are lucky, you may find a talented junior who will quickly understand your tasks and grow to the level of a highly qualified specialist within your company.


Finding React Native developers at a junior level is not that difficult. As a rule, we are talking about students who have recently graduated or are finishing their studies, as well as those who have switched from one framework or programming language to another. You can expect the following skills from a junior-level React Native developer:

  • JavaScript coding (ES6 or later)
  • Knowing React Native basics (libraries, components, and APIs)
  • Use of a state management tool (for example, Redux) 
  • The ability to navigate within a React Native app
  • Be ready for app debugging and testing 


Middle React Native developer

When you need Middle-level engineers — you are launching or maintaining a typical React Native product, no advanced problem-solving skills are required.


Software engineers of this level are more independent in their work than junior-level ones. Middle-level developers have over two years of experience with React Native and possess several successful projects in their portfolio.


The key factor that makes a middle-level React Native developer is that they can not just perform the tasks assigned to them, but lead a development department or team units. They can also work in conjunction with junior-level engineers to help you scale your project without budget surges.


In brief, middle-level React Native developers are distinguished by the fact that they can take full responsibility for a software solution, as well as being able to offer creative solutions and launch the product as a whole. Here is a list of the skills that a software engineer aspiring to a middle-level React Native developer salary possesses:

  • Optimizing app performance and code splitting
  • Working with mobile hardware (GPS, camera, gyroscope, and many others)
  • Operating databases, data caching processes, and libraries
  • Third-party service integration using their APIs
  • Taking over app deployment on App Store and Google Play Market

Your own requirements may vary. At Lanars, we accept middle-level React Native engineers that can deal with such advanced React Native technologies and tools: Error Boundaries, Strict Mode, Forwarding Refs, HOC, Portals, Hooks, Axios, and SSR next.js. 


Senior React Native Developer

When you need Senior-level engineers — you are working on a complex and innovative product, or need a person that can take control or establish a development process.


A senior-level software engineer has deep knowledge of programming languages ​​and frameworks, as well as well-developed soft skills and strategic thinking. A specialist of this level is often expected to make independent decisions, oversee the development process as a whole, as well as mentoring. To hire a React Native developer of this level, you will need two or even three times the budget for a junior-level executor.


A significant sign that you are dealing with a top-tier candidate is several successful JavaScript products in their portfolio, as well as over three years experience with React Native. This person also needs to have team management and tech leadership skills. 


It would be an advantage if you manage to find a person who manages a department and has cases of creative solutions to highly complex software issues. Here's a rough set of skills that a Senior React Native software developer should have:

  • Turning iOS and Android apps into React Native apps (knowledge of programming languages such as Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, and Kotlin)
  • Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)
  • Leadership and mentorship across development departments and general workflow management
  • Native library and component integration
  • Research-oriented approach, a constant search for innovative solutions
  • Public speaking and advanced communication skills    


React Native: Salary You Can Offer Your Future Team Member

To properly estimate your app development budget, you need to understand how much it costs to hire React Native developers. As you already know, the hourly rate is influenced by the following major factors: geographic location, experience, portfolio, and skillset.


If you've already hired JavaScript developers, then you have an idea of ​​how these factors affect the budget and you can evaluate your project in terms of programming complexity. If the current project is the first of this kind for you, contact senior-level software engineers for project estimates and decide who you want to hire after a consulting session.


Keep another important point in mind. Sometimes you need to hire a React Native app developer for a certain high position in the company. Tech Lead and Software Architect positions have slightly different tasks and requirements to that of a developer. However, they are also accepted by people with software development expertise. The average salary of a junior-level developer is 3 times less than one of a React Native software architect.    


How much do React Native developers cost in the U.S?

In the US, there is the largest difference between the lowest and highest salary of React Native developers. Moreover, the React Native developer hourly rate may differ depending on the state where you are hiring. 


On average, you will have to pay a junior-level React Native engineer $95,00 per year. In 2021, a senior-level specialist will cost you up to $139,000 per year. 


React Native developer salary in the USA, source:


How much do React Native developers cost in the United Kingdom?

React Native developers are less in demand in the UK. However, employees from this country (both freelancers and outsourced teams) provide you with high-quality services. Since the UK is one of the economically developed countries with a high standard of living, the cost of hiring specialists here is commensurate with the React Native developer salary in the USA. 


Entry-level React Native developers in this country make an average of £37,500 ($52,000) per year. The most experienced developers working with this mobile app framework get £85,000 ($119,000) per year.

React Native developer salary in the UK, source:


How much do React Native developers cost in Norway?

Norway is a relatively small but economically developed country. There are not many companies that provide React Native development services here. The number of specialists you can hire to permanently work for your company is also very limited. At the same time, React Native developers’ skills here are often high while rates are lower than in the USA and UK.


The cost of software engineers varies by city (the highest hourly rates are in Oslo) and company. Entry-level React Native developers in Norway can count on NOK 272,000 per year ($33,000) and senior-level specialists earn around NOK 941,000 per year ($115,000).

React Native developer salary in the UK, source: Salary Explorer


How much do React Native developers cost in Ukraine?

Eastern European countries are a good choice for those who are considering the option of remote cooperation with freelancers, a development team, as well as looking for an outstaffing partner. 


React Native developers in Eastern Europe significantly lower earnings, compared to their colleagues from the US, due to the economic difference between those countries. At the same time, the quality of their work is no less high than that of developers from the USA or UK. Moreover, unlike other low-price countries for mobile development (take China, South Africa, or India), in Ukraine, they adhere to the communication and workflow standards of the United States and Western Europe.


On average, a junior-level React Native engineer from Ukraine who knows how to work with React Native earns $18,000 per year. According to Djinni, Ukrainian service for anonymous job searching service, for a one-year partnership with a senior React Native developer, you will need to pay $45,600.


What Hiring Options Are There?

Let's say your project needs a software engineer. You have 3 options for how you can cooperate with such a specialist: working with a freelancer, in-house development, and digital outstaffing. Each of the options has its own advantages and allows you to optimize your development budget in a particular way. If you've decided to find a React Native developer on your first try, take a close look at our tips.

More on this topic — How to Hire Dedicated Developers? Best Tips For Hiring Dedicated Developers in 2021


Freelance React Native developer

Where to find freelancers: Upwork, Toptal, React Native communities on GitHub, Facebook, and Linkedin?


Works best for: small companies without an in-house team or with a limited budget; short-term projects


If you decide to hire a React Native developer as a remote freelancer, you have a good chance of saving your budget, as you don’t need to provide office space or pay commission to third-party agencies. For your project, you can choose an executor who has an acceptable hourly rate for you and at the same time has all the necessary skills.


The problem with freelancers is that you will need to spend extra time selecting a candidate for your position. Also, freelancers are not always motivated to meet deadlines and constantly communicate with you as a client. A detailed job description is what you’ll need to get the right candidates to approach you. 


In-house React Native developer

Where to find candidates: LinkedIn, Technojobs, Glassdoor, and Indeed


Works best for: product maintenance, large-scale projects (you need a JavaScript engineer for more than two years); digital product companies with a constant need for React Native app developers.


You can hire React Native app developers as in-house workers. This approach will help you to better control their work and use them as mentors for each other. Thus, in-house employees are a good choice for companies that have ongoing challenges to build and improve React Native products.


Of the negative aspects associated with in-house hiring, it can take a relatively long time to complete the selection process, as well as the risk that they eventually do not match your project and the search will have to start anew. 


In addition, you will only attract experienced employees if your React Native developer hourly rate is higher than that of similar companies, or you have a strong HR brand. Both require significant time and money investment.


Find more on this topic here — What an Agile Software Development Team Structure Looks Like


Software development company 

Where to find a partner: GoodFirms, Clutch, and TopDevelopers


Works best for: mid-size projects and companies that don’t want to maintain a development team and have zero experience in this kind of task  


Whether you're planning to launch an iOS, Android, or React Native mobile app, partnering with a software development company can help you reduce risks, meet deadlines, and speed up development. You can spend about a month finding and hiring the right contractor. However, by signing a contract with a software development company, you get a required specialist/team in just a few days.


The disadvantage of this approach is that you pay the company more than just a worker’s salary. For instance, dealing with the US market, you need to take into account that your outgoings are not just an average React Native developer salary in the USA, but also at least 30% for the company's commission.


A software development company can perform your tasks within an outsourcing model or provide you with employees on an outstaffing basis. In the first case, the company is responsible for the development in general and provides you with only a ready-to-use product. In the second case, you get an employee for as long as you need them. They become temporary but full-fledged members of your team.


How LANARS Help Companies to Hire React Native Developers

Lanars is a software development company with offices in Norway, Ukraine, and Georgia. We can provide you with tech employees to strengthen your team (including React Native experts of the required level), as well as completely taking on the development of mobile applications. We can also provide all tasks related to the launch of your mobile application: software architecture, design, and code.

The advantage of working with us is that you significantly save time on finding the right employees (according to the Glassdoor statistics, before hiring the right employee on their own, companies review over 100 candidates). In the case of Lanars, you can start working with a Senior React Native developer on the same day. Moreover, all of our specialists are carefully selected, have advanced soft skills and expertise in your industry.


Our selection of candidates for you consists of three stages: React Native developer skills check, interview, and tech assessment in the context of your task. We have a wide range of full-time React Native developers, so all that separates you from working with the right specialist is the final interview for your project.


Bottom Line

If you've decided to find a React Native developer for your project in 2021, you're on the right track. This mobile app development framework allows you to create products that provide a high-quality user experience for both iOS and Android mobile users. Thus, you don't have to waste time and money developing native apps for each platform.


To minimize the risks in recruiting candidates for the position of React Native developer, we recommend that you decide on your tech requirements, deadlines, and budget in advance. Determine what level of developer you need and learn more about the React Native developer salary in different locations to find the country from which you would like to hire.


There are three options for cooperation with React Native developers: in-house model, freelancing, and opting for a software development company. At Lanars, you can get advice on the React Native project, as well as quickly find an executor for your tasks within outsourcing or outstaffing models.


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