Digital solutions for the sport & fitness

No matter how difficult the launch of the sports product is, it is always worth it, because all of these sport software development projects are being created to make exercising closer and more enjoyable. When implementing or scaling projects in the sport and fitness field, we are always focused on providing the best customer experience.

Sport software development

Custom sports software solutions development and maintenance

There is a wide range of technical solutions for this industry, depending on the purposes and stage of the project. However, any of them should make a huge change for the better in the users’ experience during exercises, leveraging technology that brings real results:

Management software (CRM & ERP systems)
MVP development
Internet of Things
Custom fitness & sports software and apps development (iOS, Android, Cross-platform)
Websites and custom web applications development
Sports Software and Apps Development

LANARS as a partner for the sports industry

Full-cycle development of any software a sports business needs, and a shared vision of the business values — aspects that create a beneficial project. Making sport accessible to everyone with:

  • Creating software architecture for outstanding CX;
  • Upgrading and scaling existing products and ideas;
  • Testing and evaluating new ideas;
  • Experience backed up by numerous cases that serve a real purpose for customers worldwide.

Benefits of sport software development by LANARS

MVP for new products

MVP for new products

We understand how important the MVP testing stage is and help our clients to test the idea and find a product-market fit.

Improvement and scaling

Improvement and scaling

If the project demands entering new markets, obtaining new features, or full renovation, our experts will precisely identify the points for growth and help you take advantage of every opportunity.



Your ideas + our understanding of how to turn them into reality = success. We consult our clients and explain which modern technology is needed in each specific situation.

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