Hardware Development for Business Innovation

Hardware Development for Business Innovation
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Hardware Development for Business Innovation

When it comes to business innovation, technological advancements often come to the rescue. We can spend hours discussing the various software development solutions that come to mind first. But, what if hardware development can offer more real opportunities that any business can take advantage of. 

First of all, when we consider what lies at the heart of the business development process, we often rely on the power of creativity and innovative technological advances. However, this practice is rare for most industry players. On the surface, there are too many possible difficulties and complexities that fill you with uncertainty and fear that you will not cope with these big problems. 

Here we can help you focus on ways to overcome these obstacles. Plus, it's important to find out what exactly drives existing innovators to stick with the idea to create completely new hardware solutions.

So, as you read the information below, you can count on valuable insights to help you arrive at the idea of ​​solid business prosperity through innovations in hardware development.      

Hardware vs Software Development

When it comes to working on something exclusively innovative, most IT industry players do not entirely understand the specific distinction between the hardware and software development process. So, there are certain things you need to know before embarking on this idea.

The first rule is that the process of creating hardware products cannot be aligned with the same iterative principles as the process of developing software. Unlike software concepts, hardware development requires more time and process understanding from the very beginning of the project. Hardware engineers have a responsibility to get this right. It means, there is no A/B testing or points to return to. Here, the hardware will not operate if a single bug is detected, one in a million or better. 

In other words, software is known to be a complex system of several interacting functions, while computer hardware is one single huge function. From that point, hardware computers require absolute correctness during development and will not be fully functional if minor errors creep in.

The next position refers to meeting product concepts at the earliest stages. In the hardware development process, every party involved should be aware of the sufficient and necessary things to be planned and done, and what will ultimately affect the success of the final product. For example, marketing managers, retailers, and product manufacturers anticipate what will be needed next based on the initial preparation for the release of a new product.

In addition, a shared commitment to the concept makes everyone working on the product believe in a successful product launch. This is due to hardware innovations that require more confidence in the results. It also gives companies more freedom to understand how to reduce costs and accelerate overall progress.

As a result, by working with new hardware, you solve problems that no one else could before. This increases the likelihood that millions of customers will want to buy your product. The same cannot be said about software development.           

Thus, by avoiding hardware development, you automatically lose a lot of great opportunities for your business. Wouldn't it be better, instead, to know the rules from the start and learn the hard lessons to stay ahead of the competition?     

Hardware Innovation Benefits

From the previous section, a comparison of software and hardware development processes highlights the distinctive advantages of creating innovative products. But let's briefly recap on the main points that will unconditionally promote your business.

Firstly, to add to the fact that you are working on the implementation of a unique design and promotion of new products into the world, this can greatly affect your internal processes. Diverse teams will have to collaborate and share experiences on the same project. The combination of diverse skills and more people sharing their knowledge is the main pillar on which the best innovative products are born.

Secondly, by introducing innovations into your business structure, you are getting closer to the global technology market. Your diverse global cooperation and technology contribution is a giant leap forward in the international arena.

Finally, extensive personal development is another outstanding social advantage that large corporations are more likely to gain from. Innovation is the perfect instrument to connect and positively affect each employee individually.

Lanars Hardware Use Cases

Rapid digital transformation and technical challenges often seem intimidating. However, with the right approach, industry-specific professionals, and different hardware team expertise, it makes sense to take these risks. 

At Lanars, we offer our customers a full range of services from concept definition to fully tested products for mass production. We have extensive experience in creating:

  • Industry/Control systems;

  • Automotive;

  • IoT (Internet of Things);

  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things);

  • Medtech;

  • Agriculture;

  • Logistics;

  • Retail;

As an example, we are proud to share our hardware IIoT solution for chemical plants based on smart sensors working in liquids. Based on a client request from Europe, we were asked to create an Internet-connected remote monitoring system for industrial fluids. 

Apart from the software development, we produced remote coolant monitoring sensors to improve customer product quality and optimized the resources for controlling the composition of industrial fluids. 

So, we aimed to fulfill key requirements and spent a lot of time building a remote liquid level control system from scratch. The Lanars team was testing various equipment concepts and device options. Despite the fact that it took three years, we were able to take on this challenge and satisfy the requirements of the customer, study the industry specifics and achieve maximum accuracy of the equipment.  

Regardless of the challenges, we’ve put all our efforts into eventually creating compact, autonomous, highly sensitive sensors and a control unit for data storage and ancillary hardware made from plastic and aluminum. For now, we are continuing work on further improvements and creating next-generation sensors and software as well. 

By working exceptionally hard, we have achieved impressive results and helped strengthen the client's position in the market. Do not hesitate to get a professional consultation from our team and ask your questions! 

Hardware Innovation Trends & IoT Applications

In 2021, there are other examples of the same hardware success. The most successful hardware innovation companies have contributed a lot to the rapid growth of the hardware devices revolution. For instance, mobile devices are often prone to security breaches. That's why leading companies are more focused on implementing secure encrypted memory spaces in commodity CPUs. It is needed to protect overall system security in case of possible hacker attacks.

Moreover, for the past five years, new chip architectures, drones, unmanned robots, user-friendly virtual reality gear, different wearables, vehicle automation, robotics, and numerous IoT applications have demonstrated to the industry the potential for the necessary IoT products.

The current trends of IoT hardware development are indeed notable. Consider, for example, solutions that are currently expanding telematics services. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies along with different wireless sensors open up a lot of opportunities for IoT companies. Numerous internal processes can easily be optimized. The versatility of the standard allows for the creation of various types of sensors and solutions that meet specific business needs.

Another trend concerns eco-driving concepts. This allows employers to collect and analyze valuable data to better manage and control their fleet. Thanks to that, a lot of new fleet business niches have the chance to succeed. Intelligent vehicle systems allow you to generate sensor data for risk analysis, incident investigation, general logistics management, and more.

Also, it is believed that video surveillance is a current trend that most companies will embrace shortly. With existing problems concerning video recording and limited video transmission capabilities, possible interruptions, and unstable connections, this trend is only going to gain momentum. Once these problems are resolved with fifth-generation networks, video recording is expected to become the most popular hardware trend. 

In addition, 4G LTE-M is a new generation network, to which many developed countries are gradually transitioning. This means that current manufacturers will have to completely switch to creating new, cutting-edge equipment.      

So, the future breakthroughs in hardware are in your hands.   


All in all, many companies base their development strategies on emerging social values ​​and jump on the bandwagon of new trends. Current times are characterized by rapid changes that are prompting businesses to learn agility. The urgent need to grow your business is a consequence of not only confronting the challenges of the present, but also finding ways to become more inclusive in a specific sector. From a business standpoint, an infinite number of hardware innovation ideas is a primary ticket to absolute success.

So, what fuels your current business success?

Try developing your business towards new stages of development. Invaluable hardware innovation combined with cutting-edge software technology is sure to make any ambitious business strategy a win-win situation.