Custom development for the military

In the military-industrial complex, digital transformation can face unique challenges. At LANARS, we overcome these obstacles by fostering trusted partnerships, taking full responsibility for the design and implementation of solutions, and delivering exceptional quality that optimizes military operations.

Software development for the military

Secure and safe digital services for the military

Companies in the military field frequently need custom-made products to achieve the planned results and make a difference to the created project. Digital services by LANARS that securely modernize military systems are the following:


Embedded systems, Printed Circuit Boards, and MCU (microcontroller units)
Web Development
CRM & ERP systems development
Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Internet of Medical Things
Business Analysis (Discovery phase)
Hardware and Software engineering for military needs on a turnkey basis
Mobile App Development
military software development outsourcing

LANARS as a partner for the military industry

We build our relations with clients from the military industry based on the principles of localization, transparency, honesty, and data security. That is why we have already been chosen by military structures for the implementation of digital solutions. Our work experience in the Northern European market helped us to create a unique approach to such projects:

  • High safety and security standards;
  • Cutting-edge laboratory for hardware development;
  • Innovation-driven solutions from experts with a background in the spacecraft engineering industry;
  • Deep involvement in the project;
  • We create the Internet of Everything which means that the most ambitious and complicated objectives can be achieved with our technical facilities.

Benefits of hardware & software development for the military from LANARS


Data security

Data in the military industry demands significant protection, so we ensure it and guarantee the highest standards of transmission and storage

Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things

We adapt the Internet of Medical Things to military needs and develop custom devices

Internet of Military Things

Internet of Military Things

We create devices that coordinate, learn, and interact with the physical environment for military needs

Selected case

platform for medical personnel in the military
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Medic Tool
Platform for medical personnel in the military
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