New School of Embedded Development 2022

New School of Embedded Development 2022
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Learning Embedded from scratch with LANARS — announcing our first School of Embedded Development with possible further employment in the company!

Embedded Development comprises software design and basic skills in engineering. Everyday tasks of Embedded specialists include the development of software and hardware platforms, as well as their integration. Such tasks require great responsibility and expertise.

There are no restrictions on age or experience, the main requirement is the ability and willingness to learn and implement great scopes of information.

If the applicant is not at all familiar with Embedded, Firmware, and Microcontrollers, in 3 months our students will have enough skills for working with real technical prototypes.

What will the course look like?

  • 30% of Theory – you will learn the three main components of Embedded Development: Math, Electronics, and Programming language C.
  • 70% of Practice – you will do microcontrollers programming, as well as Linux programming.

Why should you sign up for the course?

  • The classes take place 2 times a week in our headquarters in the center of Dnipro city.
  • Since the group consists of 3-4 people, each student gets maximum attention and all occurring challenges are resolved immediately. 
  • A personal supervisor is always in touch with a student to answer any question.
  • Our course is free of charge, we only require visiting the classes, doing the homework, and total dedication.

To learn more details, contact our recruiter at

We'll get to know you, set up an interview with an HR and the head teacher of the School – grab the chance to join the school and in the future – our company.

Looking forward to meeting you!