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How to Hire Dedicated Developers? Best Tips For Hiring Dedicated Developers in 2021

Nowadays, outstaffing is considered to be the best choice for business of all kind to enroll new digital ideas or modernize existing technical solutions. Hiring a development team remains an effective outstaffing option that helps companies to reduce development costs, make the process faster and got the best narrow area experts for their projects. 

Our blog article will explain your dedicated team development concept and teach you how to find skilled professionals for a particular project. You will also get some tips on how dedicated developers vendors work.   

What is a Dedicated Development Team Model?


The dedicated development team model means that a company hires remote employees to bring its project idea to life. Company’s requirements, deadlines, and project roadmap, as well as budget calculations, are stated in the contract between them.


After the contract has been signed, remote experts become a part of the regular company’s team assigned to the project. When the project is over, their participation in the project also ends.


There are several types of remote employees. One of them is freelancers while the other one is a dedicated development team. The difference is that one could hire freelancers to have only a particular task done. At the same time, a dedicated development team takes full responsibility for the project and usually works as a unit.


Team providers. Dedicated development team vendors take care of the searching and hiring process. They study the client's request and look for professionals who suit the project. They‘ve already got an expert contact base and are ready to propose you team members with the necessary skills, experience, and salary rate.


The vendors also provide your future outstaffing workers with a well-equipped workplace and administrative assistance. That means that technically your dedicated development team works for vendors but practically it responds to the client’s challenges on a full- or, rarely, part-time basis.            


Client’s opportunities. The client of dedicated development team vendors gets the control of the team unlike it happens in the case of classic full-cycle outsourcing development where the client gets the final ready-to-use product.


The dedicated development team got access to the client’s databases and administration systems if needed, takes part in general meetings and could solve various dynamic tasks connected with their project.


The dedicated development model is well-applicable for long-term projects while for short projects freelance work is more preferable and manageable. There are some key advantages of the concept:


Development expenses are getting lower

A dedicated development team consists of talents specially selected for your project and working as your temporary full-time remote staff. Moreover, you could hire them in the region where fares are lower than in your country. The alternatives like training your current team or recruiting new employees are more expensive and time-consuming.  


A chance to work on the project with an expert who’s got specific skills and experience

If you are not a huge digital company but a regular business of some non-digital area you don’t need to create an inner IT department to develop a simple app to serve your customers online. And if you are a huge web-development company who’d just received an extra request for the specific app development services, you don’t need to form a permanent expert department to get a piece of advice from the experts.    


Great communication and management

You could stay in constant and frequent touch with the dedicated development team. You may assign your own project manager to control the team from inside or ask the vendor company to track your employees’ progress in the remote office. Anyway, the team will inform you directly about problems and project achievements. You could also scale the project anytime adding new members from the vendor’s pool.



When I Should Hire Dedicated Developers?


A dedicated development team concept could be helpful in lots of cases as it is a flexible outsourcing model where most of freelancers hiring drawbacks such as deadline issues and bad project communication were overcome.


Hiring a development team you do not lose control of what is currently going on inside the project. You could easily track deadlines and project achievements and even make serious changes in the project roadmap. However, the model is not always applicable to all kinds of businesses.


Let’s name some areas and cases where the dedicated development team model works perfectly.


  • You’ve got a small digital department and you decide to produce a software product to modernize your service model. Since the only thing you need is to develop a brand new app or a website which you are going to use during next years there are absolutely no reasons to keep the whole-cycle development team inside your permanent team. Hire a dedicated team and then support your app with your regular IT team.
  • Your business is based in the region with high local digital development rates. You need to pay at least $100 per hour to US-based Android developer while an expert with the same skills from Eastern Europe will cost you around $40 per hour. And what if you need the entire team? A good idea of how to save money but to keep control of the process is hiring dedicated programmers.
  • You can’t find an expert with proper skills and experience in your area. Assign the searching task to the reliable outsourcing provider and get a valuable employee in a short time. That works both for high-demanded areas and specific expert niches.
  • You need to redouble efforts during a specific period. There are seasonal types of job even in the digital area. And sometimes you just need to finish the project faster, but you can’t hire regular workers as after the work would be done you’ve got no tasks for them. A great solution is to ramp up resources with the remote development team.
  • You are a digital company but all of your employees are involved in another project. Obviously, you just didn’t expect that situation to happen otherwise you would have enough workers to fulfill your needs. The dedicated development team can ensure you and will not let you let your customers down.
  • You’ve got a startup idea but you don’t know how to implement it. In this case, it is better to call a service provider than to hire expensive regular workers and to rent an office, or to search for separated freelancers. The service vendor will help you with finalizing the requirements as well as the whole hiring process and further support.


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The Process of Hiring The Dedicated Programmers


There are several options for how to hire dedicated developers. And in both of them, the general procedure looks more or less the same.


The key question you have to ask yourself is if you are ready to find and hire programmers directly or you prefer to delegate the task to a service provider. The second course is less time-consuming and risky while the first one is cheaper. But let’s look through the whole pool of options:


  • requesting a managed services provider (vendor)
  • contacting the software developer for hire by recommendations
  • searching for developers on specialized websites
  • investigating freelancer developers workplaces
  • contact building during conferences and professional events


What is the difference between having a direct contract between your company and remote dedicated development team and working with any official provider? The provider takes care of the whole hiring process and supports your cooperation with the team until the project is over.


In other terms, your company doesn’t have to sigh separated contacts with each team member, provide them with workplaces, hardware, and software or check the actual number of working hours spent by employees.


If you’d like to save money on suppliers’ project commission you need to realize that you are close to spending extra time on management and administration support.


There is also an evaluation question you may ask yourself before hiring an exact team. The vendor could propose you a shortlist of suitable software development teams of different budgets. Then you need to choose between them responsibly as a project lifecycle usually seems to be at least half a year long which means you are going to spend quite a lot of money.  


Here you can see the most significant criteria to rate dedicated developers team:

  • skill stacks
  • number of team members and their roles
  • experience and connected background
  • portfolio
  • positioning (or niche)
  • customer feedback
  • hourly rate
  • language of communication
  • timezone

Product Requirements Document and Functional Specification Document


You’ll increase your chances to hire dedicated programmers of a good quality if you plan your project carefully.


Obviously, the vendor could easily find the requested experts for your team having a clear view of what idea are you going to implement with their help. The more details covering your commercial purpose you’ll give, the better team you’ll have at the end.


Project’s goals, roadmap, working principles, as well as technical frameworks and your expectation could be expressed with the help of PRD (Product Requirements Document) and FCD (Functional Specification Document). That’s great if you have at least one of them and that’s perfect if you’ve already created both before launching the dedicated team hiring.


But what is the difference between them?


PRD (Product Requirements Document) outlines the project’s features, reflects the ideas behind the future product and describes its general functionality. It may consist of mock-ups work scope.


The idea of PRD is to avoid serious unpredictable changes within the project — like those project mission and functionality — that could make the team non-effective and even needless. The document regulates the general project frameworks and is used both by the regular and dedicated team.  


FCD (Functional Specification Document) is an agreement between the dedicated developers team and its client. It contains the precise description of the future software product requirements, detailed tasks, development sprints, and other necessary work details.


The document should be signed as an important contract attachment by the outsourcing team and your company representative and it is the basic reference for project evaluation. In case the team committed to the requirements stated in the FCD, the client could accept the project if only it matches FRG.   

Successful Examples of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team


Neither huge digital companies nor small client businesses find it unworthy to work with outsourcers like dedicated developers teams. All of them know: the model helps to reduce outcomes, attract skilled experts from the narrow areas and implement project ideas faster.


There are a lot of companies who use the dedicated team concept regularly and even succeeded in building the whole development process around it. The Basecamp, web application company with 20 years of history based in Chicago are among them. With only 52 regular employees it develops its products such as the well-known project management tool Basecamp, the web application framework Ruby on Rails and a contact management tool Highrise. There are various dedicated development teams all over the world working for them.


Another great example is Skype. The telecommunications application is available in 108 languages and provides instant messaging services. In 2019, Skype has over 1.55 billion users and less than 1700 regular employees. However, there are a lot of organizations that work on it exclusively. Business operations, development vendors, legal support companies and customer support aggregators are among them. In 2003, Skype was started in Estonia but most of its team was remote and project dedicated.


Surprisingly, that now belongs to Alibaba Group, wasn’t developed in Hangzhou. In 1999, Jack Ma founded B2B marketplace site that soon became the most successful trade  platform in the world. In the autobiographical book called Alibaba: The Inside Story Behind Jack Ma and the Creation of the World’s Biggest Online Marketplace, he described its outsourcing development model where the key idea is to assign websites to local dedicated development teams in order to get the best localization in each region.


Slack, Gliffy and lots of well-known leading medical institution such as Stanford Medicine also outsource certain aspects of their digital development.

How to Find Your Perfect Dedicated Development Center Service Provider


If you don’t want to spend extra time searching for a software developer for hire and then trying to figure out how to deal with outsourcing team management, find a dedicated development service provider. In that case, the only step between you and your team is the list of requirements and your final team choice, obviously.


It is not hard to guess that working with a service provider is a more reliable form of partnership comparing to cooperation with separated freelancers. Here are some great things about service providers for your business:

  • First, it is a provider who is in charge of the quality and productivity of your outsourcing employees.
  • Second, you may ask for human resources supply anytime and get it immediately.
  • Third, you don’t need to solve administrative issues or support the document flow, pay salary to each of your workers separately or even take care of their working places.

The only problem is how to find the best human resources supplier with the best expert database and management experience. There are a lot of points you may ask you potential developers about while hiring them, but there are only a few you need to clarify about your dedicated development team vendor:


Market experience

Check for how many years the company exists and whether it’s managed to do a lot during this period. Pay attention if the scales of it have changed since the first operating years. If no it may mean that the company is not that much successful.


Development area

The issue is especially important for those type of clients who need a dedicated developers team to develop the idea first and then to implement it. Choose a developers supplier who’s got plenty of projects of your desired area in its portfolio. If you are going to deal with a huge vendor with an enormous portfolio, pay attention to its clients. Is there anybody performing the same field as you do?


Clients pool

Numbers not always could tell you something for sure. There are plenty of companies who were chosen by their customers just because of low fares. What you really need is to look for suppliers’ clients who are known for their great product and the high quality of services.



Look for them everywhere, including the official website, reviews aggregators and Google. You may also write directly to some of the vendor’s clients and ask them to share the opinion on cooperation with your potential service provider.


Security and money guarantees

What will happen if a dedicated developers team just failed the project? Or will you have your money back if your startup idea is stolen by remote employee oversight? Who will pay for deadline violation? That’s better to know the answer before signing the contract, right?


PRD, FSD and other strict agreements

You may have all your project requirements documented but (who knows) maybe you potential service provider just doesn’t work like this and need you to fill the exact brief. It is better to find out under what conditions the company usually works. Start by asking them to show you the typical contract.


Project management and working conditions

Will you have a project manager and support managers to control your dedicated developer's team? If yes ask for an interview with them and try to understand if you are speaking the same language. Working conditions are also essential for remote partnership. The time zone differences and bad equipment may impede and slow down the team. Also, make sure there is no language barrier between you and the team.


Rates and payments

The less you pay for the same result the more you could do with your budget. Mind, that there are different rates for development on different geographical markets. You are likely to pay 3 times more if you choose the company in the USA but not in Eastern Europe. Learn more from our article on how much does it cost to develop an app. That is also essential to find out when and in what form you should pay for the company.



Someone has a great digital startup idea and needs a team to bring it to life without large investments, office renting and focusing on management. The other runs a business in the field which is not connected to the digital world but he needs to develop a website or application to improve communication with customers or inside the company. The third one may need to speed up work on an exact project that a permanent team cannot handle.


The simplest and less costly way to solve the issues is to hire dedicated programmers.


In order to get the joyful results of cooperation with such a team, you need to look for the team carefully and draw up thoughtful project documentation.


Clear goals, frequent communication, and well-designed progress evaluation system will help you to keep your team on track. And if you choose the right country for remote development, you could accurately calculate the budget and get a decent product.



Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. Some develop the applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or another device. Others develop the underlying systems that run the devices or that control networks.

Dedicated development team is a group of programmers and/or other tech specialists engaged in your project exclusively. Although they work from our office and we do all the administrative work, you will be able to manage them as if they are your full-time employees.

Here are some of the most important skills to have:

  • Mathematical aptitude
  • Programming languages ​​(different types of developer role require different languages)
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • An understanding of the latest trends and their role in a commercial environment
  • Self-development skills to keep up to date with fast-changing trends

A dedicated development team concept could be helpful in lots of cases as it is a flexible outsourcing model where most of freelancers hiring drawbacks such as deadline issues and bad project communication were overcome.

Dedicated developers are best suitable when the scope of the project could not be strictly defined and requirements can be changed during the development process. The main purpose of this model is to hire a team that will compensate for the lack of necessary expertise and will seamlessly work as your own.


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