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Mobile Software Development

Mobile Software Development

The number of people accessing the world web via mobile devices increased dramatically by the aid of the convenience, portability, and a set of features offered by such gadgets. Especially, portable devices are highly valued among modern people with active lifestyles.

Team LANARS provides advanced custom application engineering services for the most interesting and challenging mobile projects. We provide professional competence in creating successful applications for iOS and Android. The professional development teams from LANARS company are extremely strong in creating solutions for any business you run. Thanks to the successful accomplishment of the most interesting and complex projects in custom mobile application development, we can boast of the inexhaustible experience and innovative mindset that today allow us to solve the most extraordinary missions. Our dedicated developers for hire are desirable all over the world on account of the expertise, promptness, and efficiency they apply through the cycle of custom mobile app development services. Get a custom mobile app solution at LANARS and reach a huge number of users. Our wealth of experience - your success.

Android skills

Android is the fastest growing smartphone OS nowadays. In respect of its versatility, flexibility, and ease of use, the wealth of opportunities grows simultaneously with Android’s popularity. We apply our abundant knowledge of technology, our tried-and-tested strategy to create and deliver highly interactive, rich, and responsive applications that can easily meet the expectations of the highly esteemed clients. All our engineers are well-versed with Android development frameworks and technologies such as Android SDK, Native dev tools, XML Java, and others. Android is rich in opportunities to cover the most diverse industrial spheres.

iOS skills

iOS platform has admirers all over the world thanks to its rich functionality and eye-candy style. As for developers, iOS offers an availability to create unique mobile applications, which in perspective can assure a good return on investments for the development as well as guarantee an ultimate experience for users. LANARS company employs professionals aware of such iOS technologies and tools, as iOS SDK, Objective C, Swift Programming, and many others.

Web Development

Web Development

Taking to account the steady and unstoppable digitization of the world, more and more branches of business fuse into the “online” activity of modern life. Today, all you need is a web page whether you own a small private business, or you rule a global corporation. Our knowledge and innovative approach help us to create the brand awareness for the novice, as well as to highlight the representability for the proficient entrepreneurs. Over 100 web projects for a wide variety of industries and business branches have pushed the boundaries for our dedicated development teams consequently enhancing the capabilities to perform in a new and unique way.

We have an extremely strong reputation and experience in the sphere of web development, and we ensure you always get a scalable, fault-tolerant, and quick-to-market web applications. Web application development services from LANARS provide smooth performance, strong reliability, enhanced security, and even wider audience than you expect.


Our dedicated front-end engineers are capable of creating highly interactive, responsive, and pleasant to the sight websites and web applications, which guarantee an ultimate user experience and create a brand awareness.

Our developers can create various cross-platform HTML applications that work smoothly over all major platforms. Development of an HTML mobile application will help to cut off the unnecessary expenditures while providing a native design and feel.

Our specialized development teams exercise their talents in JavaScript, the modern Swiss Army knife, which offers diverse ways of implementation of the top-level power and interactivity. LANARS front-end engineers are well-oriented in up-to-date JS frameworks like Angular, React, Express, Meteor, and will to assist you in the development of rich internet applications with an advanced set of functionality. In addition, our professional developers are very experienced in such back-end technologies as Node.js and Python. The latter technologies allow us to create complex back-end solutions in order to automate your business.

Our key technology competence: JavaScript (Node.js, Angular.js, React.js), PHP (Symfony, Zend, Laravel, YII2), Objective-C, Swift, HTMLS/CSS, Java and such content management systems as Wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart.

UI/UX Design and Development

UI/UX Design and Development

Our skills set enlarges upon the UI and UX technologies, where our professional designers and developers know onions. We preserve the profitable balance between the speed and performance indicators with an eye to create startlingly dynamic UIs, which in their turn will blow your users’ minds since their first experience.

The user interface is the window through which the whole world experiences your company, brand, and your product. Our designers utilize the A-grade approaches for UI/UX services to roll out the best possible design solution based on your personal and business preferences. The essence of collaboration is personal contact, which helps in determination of needs and wishes of the client, especially, when it comes to design. Under the wise and skillful leadership of a project manager, our design maestros elaborate the scenario in accordance with which they perform.

LANARS UI designers and developers are real topnotchers in following graphical and prototyping instruments: InVision, Sketch, Principle, AfterEffects, Adobe PhotoShop, Marvel, and others.

Web design and UI design services provided by our experts ensure you always have a custom solution for the visual brand awareness accompanied by the exceptional, responsive, usable, and marvelous user interface design.

In order to be in tune with the expanding technology, our UI/UX gurus, apart from constant self-enhancement, attend specialized conferences and take master classes from best experts of the sphere.

The result of our designers’ meticulous work can be contemplated in their profiles at Dribbble and Behance. There, they share the newest ideas, concepts, and mockups with people passionate about design and all about it.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our leading experts offer:

  • In-depth testing and unveiling functional issues;

  • Expertise in building explicit, exhausting and realistic test plans and their execution;

  • Responsible cooperation of QA experts, developers with our clients in order to achieve the high-quality outcome.

We provide our partners a full cycle Quality Assurance services and testing. The dedicated team of professionals will perform infrastructure analysis, elaborate a test plan, assess automation potential, define critical test cases.

Software Quality Assurance services provided by our engineers ensure the fault-free and polished product, which in its turn will lead you to a success in the industry.

QA professionals from LANARS are well-versed in such backup instruments:

Charles Web Debugging Proxy, Web Inspector, FireBug, Perfect Pixel, Postman, Selenium Webdriver (Java), Jenkins, MySQL Workbench, Genymotion, and many other tools.

We insist, that personal contact with the client as well as the careful and wise approach to the building/testing is the most optimum option to get the high-quality end product.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Business analytics in our company involves defining of the project’s top target, its benefits, and drawbacks by dint of thoughtful analysis of the environment. The main goal of our experts in business analytics is to explore the availability of the most effective way to automate your project.

Even in an occasion, when you have only an idea, our professionals will assist and guide through the fatigue of research, elaboration, and development of a strategy for an upcoming project.

LANARS business anatomists ingeminate, that there is no bad idea, there is a flawed design of it. Years of experience and numerous international conferences grant our experts a right to succeed in the most innovative approaches.

Hardware Engineering

Hardware Engineering

There is no need to be a scientist to know, that software is only 50% of IT. Modern market offers thousands of vendors proposing inexpensive solutions, but in the majority of occasions, those solutions are low quality. LANARS team has a strong experience in engineering of hardware due to participation in international live conferences, online master classes, and consultations. Hardware experts from LANARS provide top-grade service for you to be confident in the success of your project.

Notwithstanding that we are a young company, our quick-witted experts stay in beat with the evolving technology and conquer the newest peaks. For today, we offer full-cycle hardware engineering and testing with a 100% success in the outcome.

MVP Development

MVP Development

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is software with just enough functionality so that it can go out to market. The term “MVP” is perceived by many people as a prototype in which a partially-working application will run so that features can be tested. Actually, the MVP is a set of functions without which your system will lose its main characteristics.

That array of features is the minimum product that can satisfy your first customers. A prototype will be eventually discarded and turned into a software, the MVP is the basement for future set of the features that will come onboard by gathering feedback from your customers.

MVP is the turning point from the rudimentary stage to a sellable application.

The phase of Minimum Viable Product development involves:

  • The ability to test the product idea with minimal resources;

  • Quickly learn about your product;

  • Limit engineering to a minimum;

  • Carry the product to testing within the shortest possible time.

Minimum doesn’t mean low quality. It is important to have an experienced company or person playing the Software Engineering role.

In order to accelerate the development of a web application, our MVP engineers apply such technologies as CSS Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, Gulp, and others. Ordering the Minimum Viable Product development services provided by LANARS, you achieve a reliable assistance and a thoughtful approach to a custom MVP solution.

Hiring the LANARS MVP developers will help you to cut off the unnecessary costs while obtaining an ultimate product in the outcome.