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Manna for the Morning

Mobile App to help the User to learn more about the great book in the history of mankind, the Bible, the Word of God.


Charj is a result of software and hardware engineering. Besides offering a fast device charging combined with a commercial use, Charj curates the analytics from users and based on their preferences displays the chosen ads. This project involved Node.js backend development, Android coding and hardware engineering with the actual Charj tablet bonded with battery element. Technologies used: Node.js, Angular, CSS, RxJava

Cat® Technology Experience

Cat® Technology Experience application is designed and developed through the top-notch VR approach. It allows a user to experience the 360° ride from the cabin of the driver. See the world through the eyes of the Cat operator while sitting in a comfortable armchair and get an ultimate experience of driving an excavator, dozer, or a wheel loader. Technologies used: Java, iOS, Objective-C, X-Code

PAT: Smart mailbox system

A platform that remotely manages you mailbox that consists of iOS app and web portal for the admin