how we work

We don’t stop until we’re proud.

We involve qualified developers with a wealth of practical experience and comprehensive knowledge in creating software solutions for our partners to get an ultimate end-product.
We can offer our best QA specialists able to perform load, stress and performance testing.
In addition, LANARS has respectable business analysts capable of adequate researching and analyzing business requirements, elaborating technical specifications, working patterns and models.
Our team is driven by sophisticated project managers, who define and prioritize primary and secondary goals at each stage of development, design and control plans, and report either successes or failures.
Our team’s professional activity is exceptionally adjustable and flexible, so we can apply any changes instantly without negative reflections on the workflow.
Starting a new project always implies a division of the development team into functional groups. This process is conducted abiding the skills and talents. It can never happen, that an incompetent employee will be in a functional group.
Role designations are accomplished according to the process selected for the assigned project.