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Hardware Development Services

From concept definition to development of a fully tested product ready for volume production

Hardware Development Company

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Hardware Development Company

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    IoT/IIoT services for digital transformation

    Architecture of scalable cluster architecture for requirements based IIoT solution.
    Develop, Test & Automate different layers of IIoT – devices/sensors, Cloud, Analytics, Actuation etc

    PCB Design

    • 1-16 layers boards
    • Design of various types of PC boards: analogue, digital, high-frequency
    • One and two-sided PCBs
    • Multilayer boards with BGA packaged, with blind and buried vias

    Embedded Software Development

    • Firmware development for various electronic devices
    • Data exchange between devices
    • Microcontroller programming
    • Digital signal processing
    • System-on-chip embedded software
    • Storage device firmware

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