They say home is where the heart is. Home is where you feel sheltered from either the bad weather or bad surrounding. Home is something special for everyone, whatever society part they belong. One would say, that home for him is relatable to children laughing and spinning like a top around the house, while the other would describe his home with ol-mom’s special dish for supper accompanied by father’s uhs and ohs around the soccer match.

Every single person encloses his intimate and special sense into the home. Home for me has always been something like an own shuttle, where I feel safe and sound once inside.

We all know for sure: the bigger your home is, the more responsibilities you have in it.

Years ago exhausted house owners could not even imagine that one day they will manage the house through a couple of buttons. The cornerstone to a new era was laid in 1996.

1996 was remarkable thanks to the “Clap on!” inventor, who gave the world devices controlled by dint of clapping hands. Although the clapper was meant to be activated by clapping, it could be triggered by other noises like yelling, barking, knocking on a door, coughing, and others.

Many of our readers might still remember the fancy tele ad - “clap on! clap off!”.

That is how it began.

For today, you can spend thousands of dollars automating your home. While all those 1996 clapping devices still exist, technology allows us to buy and equip different remote control devices. It is not a secret, that today you do not need to stand up from your cozy armchair to turn off the rice cooker or a coffee machine - just press the button on the remote device.

With an advent of wireless connections and Bluetooth, the need of separate controllers became irrelevant. Many modern household devices and utensils are easily controlled from a long distance through an application on a smartphone.

Smart home controls

According to researchers, the term “Smart Home” once was used to depict the house outfitted with integrated audio, telephones, lighting, and security. The price of such a house was truly overwhelming at those times.

Today, “Smart Home” is something more.

In a nutshell, a compilation of intelligent systems together organizes a smart home (house). The smart house system is aimed to bring comfort, convenience, and utility savings to an owner, his family, and guests. Moreover, this system provides an intelligent feedback and information about issues in the building. For instance, a refrigerator in your smart house may be able to catalog its contents, suggest healthy dishes basing on your preferences, and notify when you are running out of food. The smart home system can even take care of feeding your dog and watering the plants.

In addition, automated home control system comes useful in situations when, for example, you forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving the house. You come back and realize, that you will have to sleep clothed and under a couple of blankets. Equipping of a smart thermostat will help to prevent such an occasion. It works in a simple and convenient way: the smart thermostat learns your preferences in temperature conditions and adjusts its operational time to keep the temperature even yet staying energy efficient. In occasions when the homeowner purposefully leaves the windows open to get some fresh air, but soon after a storm blows in, the system closes the windows and turns on the heating. If the water heater starts to leak, the system stops wasting energy on heating the water, it stops the gas or power (in order to reduce your utility expenses) and sends out an alert for a plumber.

Following the subject of saving the utility resources and consequently your money, we would like to introduce an interesting invention that was unveiled recently. Our company in collaboration with the team of professional engineers and scientists gave a birth to a water saving device, that you have never seen before. Its name is “Aiga”. In a nutshell, it is an inline water control system allowing house owners to control the water consumption in virtue of a mobile application. The intuitive software and its accommodation with the actual water saving device were designed, developed, and tested by our experts for you to have no fatigue in managing the device. Real-time dynamic modulation of the water flow rate will help you to save up to 60% of water used in the shower without any reduction in pressure. Installation of this remarkable invention does not need any professional skill. In fact, it needs only a couple of minutes of your spare time and a wrench. As to an application, you need to download it and synchronize with the Aiga device. Fully customizable settings will help you save water and track the consumption.

From an objective opinion, this device will serve as a convenient enhancement to the smart home and will meet the house owners’ desire to save on bills.

The smart lighting system will come in handy either. This system provides adjustment to different modes like dimming the lights when people are leaving or even turning the lights on when the sun is down. Outdoor smart lights will help you to provide the vehicular access to a garage in the night time, or to illuminate your backyard. All you need is to preset the time and conditions.

Due to the nondecreasing number of heists and robberies, people get more and more disturbed about the safety of their property. The smart security system will help to simplify the situation in any occasion you face. Nowadays, there are dozens of smart security products in the market, which provide you a little stronger confidence in the safety of your house from intruders.

The smart security system is a complex solution equipped with a load of different door/window sensors, motion sensors, security cameras, smoke detecting sensors, fire alarms and many other convenient components to make you feel confident about the safety of your house. Many of companies manufacturing security solutions for your home offer a 24/7 (on a paid basis, of course) supporting service, which means, that employees are ready to contact the 911 and send a notification to you when alarms are triggered. Cameras and sensors provide you with an availability to detect strange motion inside and outside your house and to get a clear picture of the person baning your cozy atmosphere.

Nowadays, the newly-built houses come with smart home systems already equipped so buying such a house unburden you from further dilemmas. Smart house technologies are diverse and expand really quickly along with developing computer technologies, so modern smart homes might seem to be not smart enough in prospective future.

Regardless of the technology, we have an opportunity to feel the new experience of changing the way we live and work in a reach of pressing a button. The dream of checking your email, opening and closing the window in your bedroom, feeding your cats and dogs, and checking the energy consumption of your house while you are far far away is true.

Speaking of modern approaches to smart home technologies, we would like to mention the fact, that the major part of manufacturers and developers start involving the natural resources of energy to supply the house needs. Implementation of the key ideas of making the smart houses completely independent and automated forecasts the future, that we have seen only in movies (awaiting for hydrators upsizing pizzas to come).

May’s news headlines announced that Tesla acquired SolarCity with about 85% of their shareholders voting to go through with the deal, which made Elon Musk and his team the incontestable kings of sun energy. Shortly after the deal was signed, Mr. Musk announced the company’s new project which is a solar roof.

According to Tesla, their solar roof is supposed to beat the lowest costs in the roofing market, whereas his invention is supposed to be lined up with the help of top-notch and extremely durable materials.

Solar roofs

New solar tile roofing would cost less either to create or to install in comparison to the traditional materials, which means, that you start saving your money on your electric bills since you chose Tesla’s product. Elon Musk said, that “Electricity is just a bonus”.

The unveiled product has four stylish designs to choose from in order to bring aesthetic satisfaction apart from providing gathering and retaining the solar energy for you to use. All of the four available style variants represented by Tesla look really fascinating. “Power from above, beauty from the street. Solar tiles integrated into the roof are invisible when viewed from the street, yet are fully exposed to the sun from above”- states the official Tesla website. It is important to mention, that there are many fascinated people willing to buy this invention.

Still, there is a dilemma between aesthetics and performance. As an example to the situation, we can point the man in a city outside of Trondheim who bought curved Chinese panels in order to match the homes of his neighbors, even though those panels were dramatically less efficient than traditional flat tiles.

We would like to admit, that the timing of the product is perfect. The world is ready for this invention.

According to the hot news from Bloomberg, Tesla has completed its first installations of solar roofs. First proud owners of top-notch solar roofs are Tesla’s employees. Why? It’s a strategy of testing the sales and installation process in order to work out possible kinks before selling the product to a wider audience.

Elon Musk has already installed the roof onto his house and said: “This is version one. I think this roof is going to look really knock-out as we just keep iterating.”

Back To The FutureBack To The Future

Let us make an honorable mention about Tesla Vehicles. Tesla autopilot system allows your own Tesla vehicle open/close your garage itself if the gates are connected to the smart home system. It comes extremely useful with the latest update of Tesla cars with the function “Summon”. Moreover, Tesla solar roof can be integrated with Tesla’s Powerwall 2 battery and Tesla vehicles. It means, that you can charge your car through the solar panels on your housetop.

Modern medical technology progress makes our lives easier, more comfortable and helps us live longer. As a result, our population has a major proportion of elderly people. Care workers use automated systems which enable them to provide a higher quality of care. The care worker can easily manage the schedule, update the records, and check the plan for each patient in virtue of a mobile application. This allows the care workers to avoid hours of administration time in order to spend more time with patients.

Solar roofs

Many modern senior citizens prefer living independently and they “DON'T NEED ANY HELP, THANK YOU”. A smart home solution would be extremely convenient for such persons. Imagine, such system can learn the personal lifestyle starting with the time the house owner gets up, makes breakfast, leaves the house and gets back. After learning the personal preferences and schedule, this system adapts and assists Mr. or Mrs. “Idon’tneedanyhelp” in cooking, cleaning and other aspects of their daily motion. When the pattern is learned by the system, if it faces disruptions, it sends an alert to the house owner’s relatives or carers.

Even more spectacular, in virtue of using analysis, the system can recognize changes in the aged person’s behavior and then notify the right people. What if they are not leaving the house anymore even though it is a sunny spring day outside, or maybe it takes a little bit longer to move from one room to another? The system is intelligent enough to recognize these subtle lifestyle changes and can send an alert. And now, imagine how efficient can be you with a smart home, and how much time will you have to spend with your family!

Next up, let us consider DIY or professional installation. We all know, that there is no single thing in the world without a proper instruction or a video tutorial, which make it easy to handle ourselves. In addition, the do-it-yourself way can save your budget, because professional help is not a cheap service. The DIY smart home is a good choice for those with a tight budget, but simultaneously, it deprives them of convenient additional features of the set. So, do not hesitate, collect money and hire a professional team, especially if it appeals to your Mr. or Mrs. “Idon’tneedanyhelp”.

Elon Musk

In conclusion, it would be correct to say, that electrical devices are able to perform malfunction, and no one is impervious to such an occasion. There is no 100% guarantee, that one day one of your smart devices will not get out of order.

Overall, modern “smart homes” are smart enough to help us in everyday motion, save our money and time, bringing some new and exciting experience at the same time. But still, it is the very beginning of a long-term technological process. What awaits us further? What surprises will the leading manufacturers of smart systems introduce, and how will the whole sphere change?

It is clear, that new smart homes are coming simultaneously with the rapidly developing technology. One day the “Smart Home” will be something more, than a set of “smart” internet-connected devices around the house.