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Our development approach is flexible and focused on client’s needs. We adjust they way we work based on your priorities - be that fast delivery or scalability of the product.

We help companies build MVPs, test the market and scale to high-load systems. We work with individuals and businesses, with software and hardware alike.

We work with software and hardware alike. We take on innovative projects for product startups as well as work with established businesses to help them grow.

What you get working with Lanars

We deliver a project from scratch or cooperate with your engineering team to support and improve existing products.

Whether you’re interested in fixed scope and have a tight deadline or you’re looking for agile, iterative development approach - we’ll work with you to find a pace of work and communication style that is most comfortable for you.

Developers and designers who create your product stay with you as your support team.

Our Clients Say

Apptimized Ltd. (Hertfordshire, UK)

Chief Sales Officer

I’ve been extremely pleased on the whole with what you’ve created for us. You’ve been a pleasure to work with and I know you’ve worked hard to try and get it right. I’m very appreciative and obviously will be working with you again. Simon May

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Our team

Maya Styupan

Director of Sales

Arslan Tayliyev


Denys Oliinyk

PM Lead

Iryna Pototska

Project manager

Anna Kolesova

Project manager

Arthur Shilo

Project manager

Eugene Korshenko


Anna Zaporozhets

Sales manager

Nadya Zhigir

In-house English instructor

Ekaterina Shandurenko


Alina Taranovskaya


Tatyana Golenko

Chief Accountant

Oksana Gornak

Office Manager

Alex Makarowa


Arevik Torosyan

UI/UX designer

Konstantin Syrbu

iOS Lead

Egor Egorov

iOS Developer

Alexander Berezovskyi

iOS Developer

Nikolay Gromov

iOS Developer

Oleksandr Zakharov

Android Developer

Oleksiy Vizhan

Android Developer

Alexey Podolian

Android Lead

Ivan Yatsouba

Android Developer

Taras Malyuchenko


Ratibor Novikov


Vlad Reznik


Sergey Nehoda


Andrey Bzhestovskyy


Oleksandr Prykhodchenko

QA Lead

Oleksiy Vasilenko

Backend Developer

Vitalii Shtepa

Backend Developer

Egor Kirichenko

Backend Engineer

Sergey Chernenko

Backend Developer

Oleg Vinnik

Hardware Engineer

Andrey Shapovalov

Backend Engineer

Nikita Chernolevskiy

Backend Developer

Dmitriy Samovyk

Frontend Developer

Vlad Huba

Backend Developer

Sergey Marchenko

Frontend Developer

George Ivlev

Frontend Developer

Sergey Gulidov

Backend Developer

Stas Sorokin

Hardware Developer

Alexander Gradowski

Frontend Developer

Yuriy Potanin

Full Stack Developer

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